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Q&A: False London Ignite Their Spark With Debut Single ‘Flames’

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

Bursting onto the scene with a passion for music and a hunger to create, False London has wasted no time not only asserting their status in the world of up-and-coming bands but have introduced themselves in a stellar way! Their debut single ‘Flames’ hypnotises with a melodic, melancholic beat, and continues to ease you into the journey with smooth and irresistible vocals. A gentle yet capturing listen, ‘Flames’ invades every fiber, and is sure to linger for some time to come.

We couldn't get enough, so we had a chat with False London about all things ‘Flames’, being a new band, and the road to their debut EP!

False London came together through an urge to create! How similar are your creative directions and how did this shape the trajectory of your band?

Honestly, our directions have so far been very aligned with each other. Even though we have our individual influences and ideas, the general direction and sound doesn’t take too much to negotiate. Writing our demos, we threw everything in while trying to find our identity. Then taking them to our producer Fletcher Mattews, he did an amazing job at refining the sound and helping us be consistent with it.

You captured us with your catchy and exciting debut single ‘Flames’! What was the inspiration for this track?

'Flames' is all about that relationship we’ve all been through, where both people feel like there’s something to be gained from not caring too much - like whoever’s the most aloof has the upper hand. And that kind of relationship can be exhausting to maintain, that kind of one-foot-in one-foot-out thing that ends up driving you up the wall. 'Flames' is kind of the climax of that sort of situation, it’s putting all your cards on the table and saying “let’s cut the crap and do the damn thing.”

How does it feel to have something out that represents the band in the music scene?

It has been relieving and exciting. We’ve sat on these songs for a while now wanting to show people. Playing our first show without anything released yet made us more eager to show what we had to offer. ‘Flames’ has been received really well and we have been overwhelmed with the response from it, making us even more excited for the upcoming tracks.

Refreshing and refined, this track is just what we needed! Who were some of the influences for this track that brought this sound to life?

This one had influences from a couple of angles, Inhaler had a few songs we really liked and admired their direction, the refined sound would have come from Arctic Monkeys’ ‘AM’ album, simple and crisp.

You've been creating your debut EP in the midst of a pandemic- what have been some of the challenges? But, of course, what have been some of your favourite memories from this creative process?

The challenges would definitely be time together with the pandemic. Writing our demos took some time due to the limited amount we could get together. Thankfully we could all be in the studio to record and lockdown seemed a thing of the past. The recording process was a lot of fun, seeing and hearing all of our collective ideas funnel through into these songs is such a positive experience. Shooting the music video for 'Flames' was great and we got to work with some really talented people on it.

This EP is set to act as an introduction to False London. What message do you hope it gets across/ what is the message you have embedded within it?

The main throughline of the EP is hope, redemption, and finding new beginnings in your old ways. It’s a message I think really resonates these days, with all the chaos around us - I hope people walk away from it finding silver in the linings of their life.

‘Flames’ was an amazing taste of what’s to come! Should we expect a similar sound to be found in the rest of the body of work, or should we expect a few surprises?

'Flames' was the first song we completed in the studio and we used this as the root for the rest of the tracks to follow, so it made sense to release first and give a taste of the whole EP. But from that we have definitely explored the extent from the softer, mellow parts to the upbeat and fuzzy parts with the rest of the tracks, we feel like there’s definitely something for everyone within the EP.

What is your biggest goal for 2021 as a band!

Our main goal is to release the tracks and have the body of work to show people who we are and what we do, but we mostly just want to get on stage and play these songs to as many people as possible. I mean that’s really what it’s all about, the energy you get from a fusion of all these different ideas into one, there’s no feeling quite like it.

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