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Q&A: Girl and Girl's Journey From Gold Coast Locals To International Record Deal

Girl and Girl are the Gold Coast band keeping us on our toes with their unique blend of genres and styles. From edgy post-punk to quirky garage rock and everything in between, Girl and Girl are anything but bland. The four-piece rock outfit draw inspiration from bands like Parquet Courts as well as 70’s influences with their jazzy instrumentals and unique vocals. Girl and Girl have something for the groovers, the beach rats and the overthinkers.

The band is made up of Aunty Liss (drums), her nephew Kai Aubert (vocals and guitar), and his two friends Jayden Williams (guitar) and Coby Williams (bass). Girl and Girl have been carving their own path in the local music scene and building a well-deserved following along the way. Since their debut in 2019, Girl and Girl have released five addictive tracks and performed electric live shows across Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Placing in the 2020 Brightside Battle of the Bands grand final, Girl and Girl have scored gigs alongside local favourites Death by Denim and Dopamine. Recently signing with Disobedient Records in the UK, we have no doubt Girl and Girl's sound will work a treat overseas.

We had a chat with Kai so you can get to know Girl and Girl a little better. Spoiler alert: they’ve got some exciting things coming!

How did Girl and Girl first come together and start making music? 

"High school, Jayden and I started to learn the guitar in his garage, I think grade 11, grade 12. First song we did was yellow submarine I think. We then had like 4 bassists before Coby joined, (we fired Coby’s pre-dessesor because he dogged us the night before our first gig, Mum’s 50 th ). We had about 3 drummers before Aunty Liss stepped in too (including yours truly) kind of funny that we went through that many people and ended up with my Aunty and Jayden’s brother."

How would you describe your sound to new listeners? 

"The genre I came up with is desperate rock, and I think that resonates for our live shows, I’m not sure if you can tell on Spotify. But at the same time I don’t want to lock that in for life, lately I’ve been writing some slower/more feely less desperate music, I think GAG’s sounds will continue to change throughout its life, I like the idea of that happening anyway."

Girl and Girl have an incredibly unique post-punk sound, who are some of your musical influences? 

"Lyrically, I find LCD Soundsystem really inspiring, just this overdramatic do what-ever you want approach, I like to think that reflects in our music. Musically, for me so many, Together Pangea, Parquet Courts, The Shins, Dr. Dog, Thee Oh Sees, A. Swayze & The Ghosts etc etc."

Can you tell us about your drummer, the iconic Aunty Liss? 

"The iconic Aunty Liss! Well, she’s my Aunty, she’s the best drummer I know, one of the best people I know and also an incredible Jeweller (there isn’t much she can’t do). She plays such a massive role in this band, and I think one of the best parts of this whole musical journey is how close we’ve become, like we connect on all of these fundamental levels, and I’m not sure if we would’ve realised that without having spent all this time together."

Congratulations on signing with Disobedient Records in the UK! How did this come about and what are you hoping this will mean for the band's future?

"Thanks! It may have been the most casual signing in the world, they emailed us, said ‘ hey, your music’s great, want a record label?’ we said ‘ yes, yes we do’, and the rest is history. And basically it’s them who we plan to release our debut EP through come mid-September. It’s a 5 track EP, with the first 3 already up on Spotify (Sex on the Internet, Shame it’s not now and White Tiles). The EP is called ‘A Typical Friday Night (Shame, Sex and Misery)’, which should be a clue as to what the 5 th track is called."

Your lyrics are extremely witty and relatable, do you have a favourite Girl and Girl track in terms of lyrics? 

"Oh thanks so much! As a whole probably 'Shame It’s Not Now', I wrote all the lyrics to that one in like 20 minutes, and generally when they sort of flow out like that I feel a more personal connection ya know? Unlike 'Ocean Song' which was a few weeks in the making, I still enjoy those lyrics but the process was a bit more intellectual than emotional."

It looks like you’ve been busy working on a new music video, can we expect some new content from Girl and Girl soon?

"Yes! Film clip for ‘Sex on the Internet’ hopefully before the end of August, for which we’re planning a special premiere screening. We filmed with Josh Northeast, and it was a whole lot of fun, the setting is, without giving to much away, a Girl and Girl Porno. We’ve also done a second clip for the 4 th track on our EP, the tracks called ‘Doctor Marten’, also done with Josh Northeast, and also set to be spectacular."

You heard right! Girl and Girl’s debut EP A Typical Friday Night (Shame, Sex and Misery), featuring two brand new tracks, is due out in September. While you wait, the music video for ‘Sex on the Internet’ should be coming our way by the end of August. Girl and Girl have a free Brisbane gig at Felons Barrel Hall coming up on September 24th and a spot in the Gold Coast's incredible Homecoming 2021 festival on September 25th. If you're yet to listen to Girl and Girl, here's your chance to do some catching up!

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