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Q&A: Pinkish Blu Open Up About Their Latest EP, ‘People Just Do Good Things Sometimes’

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

Photo by Noah Sutherland

In their sophomore EP, Pinkish Blu has blossomed from the lessons of their past work, allowing their storytelling prowess and engaging emotional tone to shine through. Engaging with their indie-pop roots, ‘people just do good things sometimes’ feels timeless in its birth years, encompassing an essence of nostalgia, separated by a breath of fresh, musical air. Genuine, infectious, and relatable, this EP is one we cannot get enough of!

You recently released your EP ‘people just do good things sometimes’, in some ways, a response to your EP ‘there's no such thing as good people’! How important are these EP’s to each other- how do they connect?

The EPs are just two sides of a coin, ultimately they're from the same origins but we just wanted to divide them into a lighter and darker package.

Was there anything you learned from your previous releases that shaped the trajectory of this EP or the creative processes?

I think the main thing we've learned from previous releases is just to really push ourselves to release the music we love and create without boundaries.

This EP holds such a modern sound that is intertwined into an emotional dive into your own personal stories! Who were some of your influences for this EP?

A lot of the main influences are just from new modern artists. New and up and coming artists are often the pioneers of new innovative sound because they have the least to lose so I couldn't name them all but I think underground artists are killing it atm!

After the writing, recording, and reception, what has risen as your own personal favourite from the EP, and what does it mean to you?

Personally, "over me" has always been my favourite off the EP. I think it just has a lot of parts that I've been trying to achieve for a while and they finally came through successfully.

Tracks like ‘backward’ have such infectious energy which makes the mind wander to how it would be received live! Describe how this EP fits into your live show/ how do you plan to show off these incredible tracks to the fullest?

For sure, this EP was meant to bring a lot more 'hype' energy, so playing it live is going to be so much fun! We love the emotional songs but we're looking forward to being able to throw it around a bit more.

‘Over Me’ is a personal favourite and is definitely submerged in an essence of emotion. Does opening up through music act as an escapism from these emotions, or do you find it as more of a way to channel them into something creative?

I definitely don't use music as an escapism tool, I use it more as a tool to bring these emotions and thoughts to the surface and then out into the world so they can be known and faced. It's kind of hard to deny problems or thoughts you've had after you put them in a song.

What is the main purpose of ‘people just do good things sometimes’ / what is the main message it brings?

The main message behind the EP is just to put stuff out into the world and say whatever you're feeling and thinking, because it's all valid and normal.

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