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Q&A - The Must Listen Grunge from 'Vermont'

There's a new single from Melbourne emo-grunge group Vermont. 'Solace' follows their most recent release 'Ruin' lifted from their upcoming self-titled debut EP out Friday March 27. The track features stirring vocals amidst incredibly clean post-hard-core instrumentals that certainly deliver that punk-grunge sheen.

"'Solace' is a look into an anxiety-driven sleepless night, and the act of putting up walls or faking a smile throughout the day in order to avoid confronting the demons that cause those anxieties"

We asked Vermont for their 5 must-listen grunge records;

Youth - Citizen

"This album was the precursor to wanting to start this band. We have taken a lot of inspiration from the song structures, guitar tones to the way the vocals are delivered. Plus it is just an incredibly solid album"

Colourmeinkindness - Basement

"This is one of the favourites among all of us. Just the angst and moodiness of this album is something we all have connected with in this band. Tracks like Spoiled, Pine and Covet have all influenced the way we approach our song writing plus they are just banger tunes"

Feel Something - Movements

"Now this is one feelsy boy. We love the blend of rock, grunge, punk, pop punk vibes that Movements have on this album, and the tracks are killer"

Under Soil and Dirt - The Story So Far

"From the delivery of Parkers vocals to the heavy guitar tones, this album was part of the spark that made this band a reality. For most of us in the band, TSSF were a group we idolised and wanted to produce music at their calibre"

Welcome to the Neighbourhood - Boston Manor

"Even though this is a relatively newer album, it still had an influence on several aspects of this band. This record has some crazy good songs on it from start to finish. We love the darker tonality and instrumentation plus the hooks and melodies are just so catchy"

With their discography of driving and emotive releases still in its infancy, the band return with the shimmering and somber ‘Solace’; their first release of 2020, and the perfect transition into their debut EP due out March 27.




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