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Q&A: 'Wait' Lunchtime Spill The Beans

Photo: Darcy Goss

Get your Tamagotchi and meet me behind the bag-racks, because Brisbane's schralpiest gnars have come out with a new single. 'Wait' is Lunchtime's first single from their upcoming EP and was penned way back in 2019 after vocalist and bass wrangler Eden Grafos got the ugly end of love & calamity. Now 3 years later, you can finally shovel it into your ear holes and breathe in that overdrive deeply.

We were actually lucky enough to trade Pokemon cards with the guitar melters and get all the succulent cuts of goss from the swollen bullies themselves:

I loved the new single. Tell us about ‘Wait,’ like what is the song about? Where does it come from? What do you like about it musically or lyrically?

The inspiration behind the song came from a combination of experiences. The first being a friendship that got ruined through falling in love and the second witnessing the death of a child. It is definitely one of our most emotional and raw songs to date. Musically, this is the first recording where we’ve had a triple guitar track so we love that! Lyrically, this song has some of our favourite lyrics- e.g. “did you see my baby/ he’s beautiful isn’t he/ kissed his feet like she was Jesus”.

I hear that ‘Wait’ is the first single for your upcoming second EP. What can you tell us about the EP so far, and what sort of themes or sounds are you wanting to tackle this time?

The EP is titled “They’re just being friendly” and basically is our back catalogue that we never got around to releasing. This EP is the first release from our new lineup so we are super excited! The EP itself is our most dynamic to date. It’s almost a genre experiment as we explore the heavier grunge/punk side as well as the alternative indie side of our sound. It was completed in January 2022 after the band worked from 2 different studios- Red Door Recording Studio (Mt Tamborine) and VIA Studios (Bowen Hills) with engineer Timothy Wheaton. The themes we’ve tackled in the past have included domestic violence and heartbreak however this time around we’re focusing on a contemplation of grief in our own unique way.
1) Again
2) Wait
3) Blowjobs & Bubblegum
4) Demented Glue
5) The Sound Turtles Make

The last two years have been pretty weird for bands & the live music scene. Some people were really screwed over by it, and couldn’t perform or had to cancel tour dates. And then others used the spare time really productively to create fresh music and write new albums & songs. How were you affected by it?

It was honestly a nightmare. We felt like we had all these awesome plans that got destroyed (and lost 2 band members in the process). We then basically spent a year recording and then deleting everything to start from scratch. The worst part was not being able to play live as it is definitely an artistic release for us. In the end we pushed through and finished the EP as well as coming up with a few new songs and a brand new lineup.

When will the EP be coming out and what can we expect from Lunchtime this year? Do you have any other upcoming single releases before the album or any gigs or tour plans?

We are releasing our second single “Demented Glue” on April 22nd. The EP is coming out in May this year! An interstate tour is in the works currently and then we should be heading back to the studio for some new music by the end of the year. Then just world domination. :)

Thanks for that shiny Charizard. You heard it here first, Lunchtime be comin' out wit it this May. So strap your future-goggles on and make plans to have a date with your ear holes this May, because it's getting Ruthless Randy up in this bish. The new single 'Wait' is out now and you can glut yourself silly on that sweet, precious gain. Turn it up to sixty-million-scovilles and pack milk in your lunchbox, because 'Wait' is the rowdy track your mum's gonna love. Always remember that Lunchtime have your back in the headbanging department and go see them live. Be sure to check out the freak wizards on social media and spray them with your love.

Listen to Lunchtime in detention. Listen to Lunchtime when you're washing your dog. Listen to Lunchtime when you're brushing your teeth. Listen to Lunchtime during lunch time. No hat, no play.

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