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Rejoice! Christmas Themed Songs From Some Of Our Faves

Its Christmas and chances are… you’re sick of the same old jolly tunes on repeat. Fear not, we have a collection of new Chrissy releases to get you back into the spirit. Move over Mariah, blast these non so conventional carols for a not so conventional year as you rip into those presents even if its just the promise of a new year.

Porridge Radio - 'The Last Time I Saw You (O Christmas)'

This bittersweet tune has been gifted to us by hard-hitting Brighton post-punk band Porridge Radio. Frontwoman Dana Margolin shared It’s a song about having a miserable time every Christmas and the same cycles of heartbreak and depression endlessly repeating themselves.” With lo-fi instrumentals and mellow lyrics, ‘The Last Time I Saw You (O Christmas)’ is an angsty emotional outpour which slowly builds up to guitar-heavy chorus. After all, the festive season is a difficult time for many who struggle to meet its high expectations.

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Julia Jacklin - 'baby jesus is nobody’s baby now'

Sydney born singer songwriter Julia Jacklin has released a truly haunting and angelic song written during a painful time. Jacklin’s crooning vocals are accompanied only by soft acoustic guitar as she reflects on imperfect Christmases gone by. After looking forward to reuniting with her family for Christmas in 2019, the bushfires hit and Jacklin wasn’t able to go home. Channeling feelings of hopelessness and isolation Jacklin shared, “I wrote this in my room looking forward to 2020, hoping it would be a reset of some kind”.

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Muki - 'Happy Ex-mas'

Up and coming Sydney pop princess Muki is back and cheekier than ever with ‘Happy Ex-mas’. This catchy track is about recognising your worth and choosing to leave a relationship that no longer serves you. Muki channels empowering and fierce energy as she delivers tongue-in-cheek lyrics.

Wanna kiss a stranger until mistletoe/

I’d have more fun than if I kissed you/

I wanna break up cause you’re the worst/

Didn’t buy you a gift for Christmas

This song began as an angry note Muki wrote in her phone 3 years ago whilst in London with her partner at Christmas time. We’re certainly glad she decided to turn it into a Christmas break-up anthem.

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girl in red - 'two queens in a king size bed'

On a slightly more festive note than the previous songs, ‘two queens in a king size bed’ is a charming love song. With sleigh bells and church bells, girl in red wanted to transport us to a winter wonderland from a Christmas movie. girl in red shared this song is ”reminiscing about a Christmas I had with a person I love. When laying in bed glued to their body didn’t feel close enough. When we wanted every second to last forever”. As if that wasn’t enough to melt your heart, the music video for this beautiful track might make you cry.

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Bakers Eddy - 'A Verry Merry Christmas'

Christmas- but make it pop-punk. Wellington rock band Bakers Eddy have made a Christmas tune even the emo skater kids can get down to. With cheery vocals and head-banging punk instrumentals, ‘A Verry Merry Christmas’ is loud, fast and fun. The band shared, After the year we’ve all had… we wanted to do something fun that could take our minds off everything else.” Starring in their music video as misbehaving Santa's, these larrikins are bound to put a smile on your face.

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The Teskey Brothers - 'Highway Home for Christmas'

Our favourite Melbourne blues boys The Teskey Brothers are back with a Christmas song full of heart. ‘Highway Home for Christmas’ narrates the journey of a working-class man coming home to give his family the Christmas they deserve. As always, The Teskey Brothers deliver a timeless, soulful and authentic sound. The story speaks to the separation of lovers and family, in Victoria’s case divided by the great Murray River, holding onto the hope of a reunion at Christmas,” The Teskey Brothers shared.

Don't have a hundred million/ But I got presents for the children/ Gonna keep my promise true

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