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Roxferry Revive Punk Rock With 'Head On Home'

Image: Roxferry | Supplied

Heads up to Port Macquarie locals- there’s a new gang in town and they’re here to take names, play destructive punk-fuelled rock, and give no damn f*cks about it.

The young band Roxferry, comprised of brothers Clay Teiffel (Vocals/Guitar), Jake Teiffel (Drums) and Charlie Hull (Bass Guitar), is bringing a completely fresh take to Australian punk fusion, with a sound that the likes of AC/DC and Idles have popularised, with their own unique and angsty spin.

Their latest release 'Head On Home' is anger-fuelled and dramatic - it’s the perfect track to smash things to, do some powerlifting, run til your legs cave in, or just scream to at the top of your lungs into the ever-approaching black and empty void. With power heavy guitars that smash out complex and huge solos, accompanied by steady and thundering rhythm sections, this track is high energy and high voltage. It’s electrifying and gives off enough static noise to make the hairs on your arms stand up and give you chilling goosebumps, with enough raw attitude that I think if my mum heard it, she would send it to it’s room without dessert for misbehaving.

Stylistic influences like King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard and Foo Fighters scream loud and true, yet Roxferry bring their own Aussie twang and slang gives it a distinct local flavour. This young group is bound to go far in the extremely lacking Australian punk-rock scene, with their fresh input and funky use of distortion.

The accompanying music video perfectly encapsulates the mayhem this song brings. With fast paced cuts between the band playing and playing poker, destroying the room, screaming into a toilet plus many other whacky activities, it gives a sense of vertigo - falling, limbs flailing, through all these different scenarios with a pounding chest and aching eardrums from the coursing bassline. Bright red colours lend a hand to the hellish scenescape this song encourages- red clothes, red kit, and red cigarettes. With a rage fuelled song that lyrically describes a tumultuous relationship with an egotistical, soul breaking personality, it fits perfectly.

Equal amounts of pain-fuelled punk and power are shown through their exceptional musicianship and clear talent- it takes a lot of guts to create a song that is this clamorous and persistent, demanding people to listen to its entirety.

Roxferry are bringing the vibrant colour back into the black and white punk rock scene- and that colour is a deep, blood red.

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