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Salarymen Are Doing ‘Fine’ With Their New Single & Upcoming Debut EP

Updated: May 28, 2021

Sydney’s indie rock dynamic duo Salarymen are making their mark on 2021 with the release of ‘Fine’, the lead single to their upcoming debut EP Scene Change. After a huge last year for the duo in which they released three singles and played over 20 shows alongside the likes of Sloan Peterson, Hayley Mary and The Delta Riggs, they’re now capitalising on their success with new music and a run of live shows.

Since forming Salarymen in 2019, Thom Eagleton and Renee de la Motte have cultivated a pop/rock sound where melodies and harmonies share the spotlight, with the two trading vocal duties back and forth over electric guitar-based instrumentals.

‘Fine’ is the latest taste of this sound, with wonderully sweet vocal interplay between Eagleton and de la Motte backed by scintillating instrumentals featuring electric guitar and organ. Lyrically, the track communicates a positive message to go with its upbeat and up-tempo vibe. “Fine is about feeling outside the norm in more ways than just one, but most importantly it’s about relishing in that fact and coming to embrace it,” Eagleton explained.

“Growing up, being mixed-race in the Sutherland Shire and wearing skinny jeans wasn’t a great combo haha. Moving into adulthood, I’ve been frowned upon for choosing a career path in the arts, among other life choices, but I don’t hold a grudge about anything. Fine is about not seeking out validation that may never come, and leaving others to come to the realisation in their own time”.

“It’s a sentiment everyone can get behind, and one that applies to many different situations in life, and it’s one of the reasons we enjoy playing the track live so much,” de la Motte added.

The song’s accompanying video, directed by Todd Stephen Logan, is a colourful piece of retro film that stars the band alongside models Gala Nikolic, Alvi Chung and Olivia Brown.

The wait for more Salarymen will not be long, with Scene Change set for release on 4 June via Scenic Drive records; an EP launch show will follow at the Factory Theatre in Sydney on the following Friday 11 June.

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