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Boss energy Is Here With Mia Wray’s New Single ‘Work for Me’

Jaws are hitting the floor upon first listen of Mia Wray’s new single, ‘Work for Me’.  Her brand new, hard-hitting anthem premiered on triple j Unearthed and received excited praises from the station’s big names:

"This is a titan of a track. Powerhouse aura from Mia Wray with that standout vocal performance before the tracks bursts with life"- Dave Ruby Howe, triple j Unearthed

"gives me a chill up the spine...very special stuff" - Richard Kingsmill, triple j

Wray's gritty, powerful vocals soar seamlessly across ‘Work for Me’, offering hints of gospel and rnb underneath this incredibly unique anthem. Her acapella prelude, creates a gripping intensity that has you clinging to every lyric. ‘I’ve got soul from my mother / so I don’t need your peace of mind. I’ve got pride from my sisters/ so just stay back ya’ know I’m good’. 

The first drop hits you like a bullet, accompanied by gorgeously rich vocal harmonies that introduces us to an addictive hook. The song gradually crescendos, building more and more with every unwavering beat of the kick-drum. The rhythm seems to resonate through your chest as if you were marching alongside the funkiest, most soulful army, all led by Wray herself, to defend against bullies and oppressors alike. 

It is clear that this single is a culmination of hard work, immense talent and raw emotion. Wray’s words leave you walking a little taller, her ability to empower and unify listeners through music and lyrics - speaking volumes to her remarkable musicianship. No doubt this has set the tone for what is to come from this young Melbourne artist. In the meantime, it’s power suits on, shoulders back and ‘Work for Me’ blasting.  

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