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Sinclaire Bring The Boogie With New Single ‘coolman’

Image: Sinclaire | Supplied

Sydney trio Sinclaire are continuing on their synth-pop path with their sparkling new single ‘coolman’. Earlier this year we were gloriously surprised by Sinclaire’s shift from the heavy-punk scene to a more airy place, and they continue to ascend into the clouds with this track.

Setting the bar high already this year with 'let's fly to rome', released just over a month ago, Sinclaire continue to smash it out of the water. Though let me be clear, there is little to falter with this track; the production is so polished and glossy, the lyrics are uplifting and Sinclaire have leant in, just enough, to the synth and bass that ‘coolman’ is the perfect combination of retro and modern.

If there was a downside, it would be that I can’t get down to this anti-pop dance floor bop at a festival. ’coolman‘ was made to be experienced alongside other sweaty, glitter-painted bodies. However, these guys have recognised that this track might just be exactly what we needed this summer. Frontman Michael Cross explains that the band hopes that listeners will be transported back to those fond festival memories.

“We felt like the world needed to hear it now, more than ever.”

“The track has this overwhelming amount of confidence it exudes and I want the listener to hear it and feel empowered by it,” Cross continues. “You could be the coolest person in the world if you wanted to be. Everyone has something incredible to offer, and although what that is may not be apparent to you just yet, I think that the prospect of that potential is what makes life so exciting. Don't beat yourself up because you're not someone else - take solace in the fact that you have your whole life to become exactly what you want to be.”

'coolman' is gonna be huge this summer and during a year when it seems appropriate to be a bit more introspective, Sinclaire’s success in their sound change reminds us that it’s okay (and so worth it) to reinvent yourself. One thing that's certain in these uncertain times, Sinclaire are on the rise.

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