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Slowly Slowly's Electrifying 'Jellyfish'

Sci-fi and existentialism collide to produce a big banger. 'Jellyfish’ resurfaces as a music video, swimming with whimsical philosophies and catatonic ironies like, ‘but how nice is it, that I can watch you win’. Slowly Slowly feeds the pop punk crowd by entangling unapologetic brashness with a chill vibe. The beat is reminiscent of Paramore’s ‘That’s What You Get’, but on steroids. Right from the start, the riff hooks us in. But if you listen closely, there’s more to jiving out to this bop about aliens placing their bets on the next human who mentally breaks down. ‘Jellyfish’ is a metaphor so out of this world that it grounds reality’s laments.

In the music video, a couple with an attitude flaunts tacky shades and a savage attitude while managing to somehow be fashionable in the process. They don flashy jewellery and highly coveted T-shirts with the prints, “ya jelly?”, an apparent hint of the imminent envy that fuels people to climb up the social ladder. The irony of having to share toothbrushes contradicts the glamour masked by their off-putting attitude. From licking bowling balls to tossing rubbish about, one can’t help but savour the goodness that drips off their slapstick romance.

‘Science and God are just uncomfortable underwear’

‘Jellyfish’ dives deeper into a satirical sense of spirituality. How much should an inner belief about science and God be physically manifested? The hypocrisy of showing off overt principles can be equated to airing dirty laundry. The lyrics so gracefully reflect on the truth while injecting dry humour in. It jolts consciousness into the fact that we are so caught up with life’s hooks that we ignore the spectacularity of our surroundings. In frontman Ben Stewart's own words, "Sometimes everything just seems so ridiculous".

Oddly enough, it doesn’t take a different species to pause, take a look at ourselves and wonder at the idiosyncrasies of homo sapiens. We’re a pretty weird bunch. Admit it, come on.

But well, have you ever seen a Jellyfish? Otherwise, check out the music video below:

Slowly Slowly ‘Jellyfish’ Tour 2019

Tickets here

Saturday, 27th July Hobart Brewing Co, Hobart

Thursday, 1st August UC Hub, Canberra

Saturday, 3rd August The Corner Hotel, Melbourne

Friday, 9th August The Triffid, Brisbane

Saturday, 10th August Lion Arts Factory, Adelaide

Saturday, 17th August Crowbar, Sydney

Saturday, 24th August Mojos Bar, Fremantle



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