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Spring Hill Walkers Club Share Their Fav Bands & Cure Our Depression With 'Sertraline'

Introducing the debut single from Brisbane-based singer-songwriter Keziah Davies, coming at us with her latest project, Spring Hill Walkers Club. 'Sertraline' is the bitter-sweet fruit borne from personal burnout and a relationship that ran its course. Here we are, on the other side with an incredible track to gobble up. The song may have been conceived under melancholy context, but 'Sertraline' is anything but! The track is honest & reflective, and grabs your ear lobes from the start with a killer bassline which reminds us of something Millencolin or Interpol would conjure up.

Speaking on the circumstances surrounding the sparks which set the track alight, Keziah reflects:

“I had taken my guitar and planned on working on a number of songs but in reality I only picked it up once. Amazingly it only took that one time and I had the first verse and vocal melody for ‘Sertraline’ written. I think it’s quite apt, how calm I felt watching the whales from the balcony and writing that verse, only to head home the next day to be broken up with by my then-boyfriend (it’s okay, we’re great friends still).”

“Over the next few months I eventually finished writing the lyrics, which naturally by that point had changed the song into being about me dealing with the stress and anxiety from the breakdown of that relationship, realising I needed help and wanting to own up in song to the fact that I was (and still am) taking antidepressants.”

'Sertraline' is then led from this bassline of-old by Keziah Davies' incredible voice into a breathy chorus with all the frazzled drive you could ever want on guitar. For some reason, the vocals in the verse section reminds us of Elizabeth Fraser in the seminal Massive Attack track, 'Teardrop' - don't ask me why, but it might be the beautiful high notes. Here in the verse, the listener can position themselves there by the sea, and see the whales in their mind's eye. Have a listen for yourself and see what I mean:

We were lucky enough to hear from Keziah Davies and get her opinion on her favourite Brissie bands to listen to & see live right now. You can tune into all her favourite artists and check out the sounds which inspired her and get her running up that hill each morning:

Hallie writes the cleverest pop songs. They're joyful and nostalgic and captivating in a way I can't quite put my finger on. Fairy Bread especially has been in my head for months.

Full Flower Moon Band
My favourite band to see live at the moment. If I could only have one ounce of Kate ‘babyshakes’ Dillon’s swagger on stage, I’d be happy. Her Death Or Hell EP is just straight up 4 perfect bangers, and her new single is killer too. Gritty and commanding stuff.

Jeremy Neale
How could I not include Jeremy, sweet prince o’ Brisbane. I feel like his second album We Were Trying To Make It Out didn’t get enough love when it came out last year (terrible timing on covid’s behalf), but it’s an absolute gem. Still Want You Around Me is my pick of the bunch, like much of the album I feel like the lyrics touch on grappling with your own demons/anxieties, your perceived success & failure, and just getting older and reflecting on your life. But it’s also a bit of a love song too and the chorus is the biggest sing-along moment. This is turning into a full-on review but honestly I’m not sorry at all.

Nice Biscuit
Sometimes you’ve just gotta put on some Nice Biscuit. I like to close my eyes and just zone out. The best psych band in Brissy for sure, and they have a new EP out! One of my favourite memories is seeing Nice Biscuit at Jungle Love Festival with friends many years ago and just being on cloud nine the whole time.

Future Haunts
Future Haunts have been great since their first song Devon Loch, but the songs they’ve put out this year are really next level. I went to their single launch for Social Glue in July and had the best head-boppin’ jump-around boogie, and I think I love their new single Accelerator even more.

'Sertraline' isn't the last we will hear from Spring Hill Walkers Club, with an EP being rustled up for later this year. If this is just the first bite, we can't wait to see what the whole enchilada tastes like. 'Sertraline' delves into bold issues like mental health, normalising talk surrounding depression and feeling like a golden jacket potato in your own skin. Love yourself and love your ear holes and feed them this nourishing debut release from Spring Hill Walker Club.

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