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Sun-drenched Rockers The Bonnie Doons Drop New Single 'JIÉM'

Calling all Sticky Fingers and Ocean Alley fans - if you need a new local band to root for, say hello to The Bonnie Doons. With the announcement of their upcoming EP, The Bonnie Doons dropped new track ‘JIÉM’ on Friday. Effortlessly fusing rock, reggae and funk, these Brisbane boys can do no wrong. Combining 90’s influences and trademark Aussie surf rock, The Bonnie Doons have grit, groove and grandeur.

The Bonnie Doons first stepped onto the music scene in 2017 with debut single ‘Catch Me’ and have been cementing their place as a staple Brisbane band ever since. Winning The Brightside’s Battle of the Bands in 2018, The Bonnie Doons know how to turn heads. Their addictive new single ‘JIÉM’ deserves to capture the attention of rock enthusiasts Australia-wide.

The Bonnie Doons shared, “In this song we talk about physical attraction – how easy it is to fall into the trap of infatuation, and that sometimes it’s best not to jump straight into the fun. It can be a kind of shallow pursuit if that’s the only pillar the relationship is founded on."

JIÉM’ opens with marching percussion, haunting electric guitar and Torian Brewer’s unmistakable vocals.

I’ve got your fingers on my mind/

Or maybe you just come in right on time/

Or maybe I’ve just seen the light/

Cause you’ve been on my damn mind all night

Heavy percussion kicks in with groovy guitar riffs for a high-energy chorus begging you to play it back. Head-banging is non-negotiable.

So take it slow, before we rise/

Now make your mind, before time dies

Instruments are stripped back as Brewer continues to share intimate perspectives on navigating lust. ‘JIÉM’ finishes with an electric guitar solo you would expect to hear from one of the greats. Although barely two minutes long, this dynamic track packs a punch. The release date for The Bonnie Doons’ upcoming EP The Betweeners has not yet been revealed (please be soon).

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