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Surf-Rock Hooligans The Grogans Are Back With Fiery New Single 'Got A Girl'

Image: The Grogans | supplied

Surf-rock trio The Grogans are back at it again with the release of their high energy track ‘Got A Girl’ from their upcoming album ‘Day / To / Day’, which is set for a spooky release on Friday 13 November. 

The Grogans hail from Melbourne and met one another in high school where they bonded over their similar music taste. From humble beginnings of playing house parties in return for a slab of beer, to now performing for sold-out shows across the country, The Grogans are quickly cementing their status as front-runners in the Aussie grunge/ surf-rock genre. 

Speaking of the single, the boys shed some light on what the new tune is about: "We started it as a little jam, pretty late in the recording process of the album. Lyrically, it’s about our girlfriends and enjoying cruisey relationships and how we don't have any money and to not stress about that."

‘Got A Girl’ encapsulates the classic Grogans sound of fiery punk and chaotic basement rock with an indie twist, a sound which they have skilfully mastered over time. Inspired by 60s surf-rock, this track is packed to the brim with lively guitar hooks, fast-paced drums and catchy vocal harmonies.

“It’s got a bit more of a 60s surf sound than our last releases; we just like that era - the style, the sound of the time, the cars. We also tried to have less limits, to show our wide variety and bigger picture of what The Grogans are, who we collectively are as people.” They said of their upcoming album.

‘Got A Girl’ is boisterous, quick and full of vigour. It’s the sort of song that begs to be played live to an audience of energetic bodies smashing against each other. It’s emerging from the mosh with beer spilt down your back, messy hair and exuberantly laughing as you catch your breath. 

If this latest single is anything to go by, 'Day/ To/ Day' is certain to be a jam-packed success.

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