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Swaine Delgado Takes A Leisurely Stroll Down The ‘Boulevard’

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Chillwave maestro Swaine Delgado has just released his new single ‘Boulevard’ – a casual indie mix that’s an instant save to our playlist. Following his other recent single ‘Reason’, Delgado introduces audiences to a leisurely stroll down the road and bright summer skies with ‘Boulevard’, ‘I’m walking down the boulevard/ With my head down’.

A sun-drenched tasteful mix of indie pop and synth chillwave, ‘Boulevard’ creates a new definition for music therapy as you ready up for the weekend even though it’s only Monday.

A self-taught producer and multi-instrumentalist Delgado shows great appreciation and understanding for character in sound and style, treating his music as a “guilty pleasure creation”. This indie bop has us astral projecting from our cerebral cortex for a moment to vibe out in the galaxy. ‘If only I could find a way/To see your body out from space/We could be/What we want to be.’

With inspiration that channels the likes of Touch Sensitive and Donny Benet, Delgado writes indie-pop that oozes like honey - flowing t down smoothly without a care for bass beats or banger-level tempo that’s all the rage these days. Chasing the trend is not his intention, and this shines through his tightly produced bedroom pop that takes nonchalance to an elemental level.

“Boulevard was the first song I wrote on the new EP, it was made around the same time as the first release but I hung onto it for a while. It was one of those tracks that I found really hard to finish. Boulevard was written at a time where I was feeling a lot of boundaries in my life and felt like I couldn't be who I wanted to be if I stayed put, I just tried to capture that in the most fun way possible,” Delgado shares.

His latest string of singles has landed him on popular Spotify playlists including ‘Fresh Finds’, ‘All New Indie’ and many more, earning praise from tastemakers and fans alike. With his surfer style and iconic moustache that makes ‘Movember’ fans quake, Delgado is the new indie-summer vibe that we all need after this year.

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