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'Syrup Go On' Offer a Generous Pour of Sweet Nostalgia In 'Lavender Sky'

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Photo credit: Emily Puxty

Electropop meets shoegaze? Nahhh way too good to be true. Gold Goast dreampop outfit Syrup, Go On are right on the money with their fresh new single ‘Lavender Sky.’ Imagine Slow Dive stirred with Phoebe Bridgers, with an additional touch of Beach House for that necessary melancholia.

This song feels like a long drive after an argument with someone you love the most. The band write of recently coming out of a long-term relationship and moving into an apartment, there is a feeling of having to embrace some sort of uncomfortable change. This track echoes the sentiment of independence away from what’s comfortable - reflecting upon regrets yet reminding oneself of what's required for driving forward.

Drenched in nostalgia, this paints a picture of a big old Queenslander on one of those pink summer afternoons. It’s been another long day, it’s hot, and you’re dreading to write down your thoughts in a journal. However, at the moment there’s a homely feeling of belonging…and those potato smiley faces for lunch.

A suitable band name, Syrup, Go On really does justice, to sum up, the sound of a generous pour of sweet pop nostalgia. This is a sonic rocking chair that gently swings one into a cathartic sense of calm. Best prescribed for either a heartbreak or love unrequited.

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June 26th

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July 3rd

w/ Honeygum + Sky In July

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