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Thanks To The Grogans’ New Album, I Am Officially Ready For Summer

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Image: The Grogans | Supplied

The Grogans have been a steadfast and intoxicating member of the Melbourne music scene since 2016 and with the release of their sophomore album Day/To/Day, have now seemed to settle into their laidback idyll of 60s and 70s surf rock in a way that seems really well-crafted, while still evoking effortlessness.

The trio seemed to have really channeled these eras in the crafting and production of this album, and have certainly intertwined them as a kind of mantra for their creative process and sound. They spoke on finding inspiration in a more relaxed process and on the development of their sound and influences.

“We wanted to build off of our last album and EPs, writing songs that we enjoy playing and listening to. It’s got a bit more of a 60s surf sound than our last releases; we just like that era - the style, the sound of the time, the cars. We also tried to have less limits, to show our wide variety and bigger picture of what The Grogans are, who we collectively are as people.”

“[The recording process] same as what we usually do; a couple of months writing, then we take a week off and lock ourselves away to get the majority of the recording done, then polish it up with added tracks at Grogs HQ. This time was in Ocean Grove, which was really relaxing. We’d surf, skate and just hang out without too much structure to the recording.” 

With a combination of longer tracks like ‘Unnecessary’ and ‘Gravel Road Blues’, which harness their clean bass, glimmering guitar riffs and simmering drums and elicit psychedelic energy, and their shorter, catchier, tracks like ‘Pretty Dress’ and ‘Got a Girl’ which offer punch-in-the-face surf-rock energy to jam to at a house-party or blast though a sand-clogged beach speaker, The Grogans have achieved something both varied and holistic.

Even if you’re minding the bags on the shore, daydreaming of the swell at work, or the weather is a bit too choppy to have a bash, you’ll be surfing no matter what when you’re listening to Day/To/Day.

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