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The Best Bands from Wollongong - Q&A with 'Good Lekker'

Wollongong mates Good Lekker have let fly 'Pipe Dreams' a breezy new single from their upcoming debut EP 'Samara' due 22nd November. Its a sunny jam that really captures those lazy summer days that make life worth living.

"The song takes one of the real-life fears of an old friend and infuses into her character some ruminations of their own. Ultimately, in ‘Pipe Dreams,’ the band try to dwell on the challenges of living with and responding to some of the biggest questions that plague our existence. It’s a call to push on, to fight the good fight, and to find peace amongst the chaos".

We caught up with Good Lekker who in true humble fashion gave us some of their favourite Woollongong bands. Talk about class.


"Who can look past a band whose frontman is as charismatic as Brendan Neville? Dribs are like a half-necked beer you forgot about when going outside for a dart. It has warmed up a little but god you’re glad to see it. Poetic lyrics, sweaty deliverance and beyond normal stage energy. Dribs are easily one of the most entertaining bands around. Nathan Kraj and Jack Mal are sweethearts too". 


"Totty are one of those bands who deserve every little bit of recognition and love that they get (and more). They have so much power for a three piece and just keep getting better and better. Kelly’s voice rips your heart out and mends it up all in one breath, Chris plays the tubs like it is his last day on earth and Max just shreds. We have so much love for Totty".

Lemon Row

"Zesty spice makes everything nice. Lemon Row are the musical equivalent to some freshly citrusy goodness on a hazy summer day. Who knew that two people could manufacture so much happiness and noise? Not me before I heard Lemon Row". 

Ducey Muncs

"Ducey Muncs features our very own Hamo Starr, but that isn’t the only reason that we love them. They make awesome indie rock with some ethereal synth tones and some violin thrown in! Who in their right mind wouldn’t love it? They’ve only popped up in the last year and have graced plenty of punters with warming vocal harmonies and punchy indie hooks. They are quality musicians!"

Sam Allen

"We’ve been on bills with Sam Allen since we started as a band, and plan to be on many more with him. With golden pipes, charm and humility oozes out of the music. Sam’s band support him beautifully, and also happen to be some of the nicest people in town. Can we stress again that the man sings like a fugitive angel?" 

Supporting the likes of Boo Seeka, Babe Rainbow, Castelcomer, and Gold Member, 'Good Lekker' have enjoyed sold out dates on their recent single tour for 'Prague' which is set to exceed 90,000 streams on Spotify.




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