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The Steele Syndicate Brew A New Tune

Photo by Chris Mollenhauer at Prestige Photography

Brisbane octuplets The Steel Syndicate have released their latest single. 'One Beer (Is Never Enough)' is a party clanger & brass banger. The track is just a sip of what's to come with their upcoming debut album in October. The Steele Syndicate are no strangers to the airwaves, having three EPs on their resume and rocking the socks off Woodford Folk Festival 2021, Caloundra Music Festival, Mitchell Creek Festival, Tablelands Folk Festival & headlining Melbourne's Summer Sounds. The frothy cold one cracks open with a festive accompanying music video:

'One Beer (Is Never Enough)' is a rambunctious little ditty, starting off with a gritty string intro, with drums in secondplace and the vocal hook in third. From here we get backup from some quick & pretty piano, a chant that will get stuck in your brain weasel forever more and an explosive brass breakdown from the swingading-dong section. The band comprises of bass, vocal, guitar, 2x saxophone for all your sultry needs, trombone, trumpet, drums & saloon piano master. The Steele Syndicate are a force of nature, bending all before them with their brassy hand.

Touching on this bold draught, the band said:

"'One Beer' was born in the studio, the lead hook emerging from a chant over some end of the day drinks. The song just got bigger and bigger. Horns, guitar solos and call and response vocals made it an instant crowd favourite."
"A song for those who don't believe in having too much of a good thing - until they do."

Call up your friends and call up your grog dealer, strap yourselves in and blast your sensual ear holes with this cobweb duster. It's a full bodied, bubbly & tropical blend with a playful smidge of impish glee. The track is out today, from 29th of July and I can't wait to see what they wrangle up for us with their upcoming album.

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Cover Art for 'One Beer (Is Never Enough)'



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