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The Violet Stones Will Leave You Starving For More With New Single ‘Power Hungry’

Today marks the release of The Violet Stones’ last single from their upcoming (second) studio album PIN and it certainly does not disappoint. Having previously cited inspiration from classic names in the heavy punk, rock and grunge scenes like Nirvana, Incubus, System Of A Down, and Korn, The Violent Stones’ are continuing to prove themselves as a stand-out act with each release, while paying homage to their defining genres.

‘Power Hungry’ opens with Neil Johnson, who offers an impressive rumbling bass riff that really let’s you know that you’re heading somewhere dark. Sarah Jane Curran shines throughout the whole song, boasting her own electrifying guitar riffs and her deep, sinister vocals, which, when combined with all three guitars and when followed by the piercing, grungy solo by Jarrod Mazzacca, leaves me totally convinced that these guys could produce a convincing and badass cover of the ‘Daria’ theme-song. The full, nightmarish sound they have developed, would not only be totally fitting to shred on Guitar Hero, but matches perfectly to the song’s subject matter, which is mirrored in its accompanying music video.

“The theme surrounding the song is the gun laws in the US & how it has endangered children in schools. It explores the idea of disregarding students' safety in the sense of false security. The song will be accompanied by a DIY, 70's sitcom/reality tv show inspired music video where the band members act as an example of the American dream but have a dark secret.”

I think it’s safe to say that the last few days (and let’s be real, the last year) have been pretty messed, but if I’ve realised anything this year, it’s that Aussie artists are determined to find inspiration in the darkest of times. And in their own ghoulish, haunting way and with the aggression and angst of their genre in mind, The Violet Stones are doing just that. It’s rad.

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