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The Wrecks Say ‘I Want My Life Back Now’ In Latest Single

Photo Credit: Darren Craig

Bursting their way through the gates of the new year and navigating amid the tumultuous song-writing sphere of 2021, The Wrecks are back with their emotionally charged single, ‘I Want My Life Back Now’. Lathered with sincerity and tied together with a sense of universality, the song not only provides a connection, but fosters the idea of getting through life’s experiences hand-in-hand.

From the beginning, this track presents itself as almost a coming-of-age tune, and resonates in the same way as songs such as ‘Tongue Tied’ by Grouplove, or ‘Youngblood’ by The Naked and the Famous, leaving a feeling of warmth, comfort and reassurance into the future. In the same way, ‘I Want My Life Back Now’ utilises its upbeat instrumental, partnered with meaningful lyrics and an emotionally wrenching vocal performance in the chorus to activate these clear feelings of growth, change, but also longing for the past.

“Contrary to the suspiciously timely nature of the song’s title, ‘I Want My Life Back Now’ is not a Covid-19 cash-grab. Although, if you can imagine going through a break-up in the middle of an already devastatingly lonely global pandemic, this song might resonate a bit.” Nick Anderson explains

Simply, don’t be fooled by the “I Want” and “I Wanna’s”, because this track will find a way to throw you into the story; to connect and to resonate. Truly, ‘I Want My Life Back Now’ skillfully intertwines a universal narrative of retreating to the past, presented in the form of a guiding hand, to create a warm, unmissable and comforting tune, no matter your story.

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