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Under The Radar: Patient Lounge’s ‘Places’ Is A Musical Journey

Photo: @thepatientlounge

‘Places’ is only the third single to drop from Brisbane prog-rock band Patient Lounge but make no mistake, we’re not dealing with amateurs here. While they may be described as prog rock , it’s clear the four-piece band have a diverse range of musical influences.

Fusing elements from prog, classic rock, jazz, metal and modern pop, the band have found a way to create intricate melodies that can appeal to more than just your regular prog rock crowd.

In ‘Places’ you'll quite literally be taken to a range of places musically. There are dreamlike and glistening guitar melodies while the percussion grooves you along the optimistic track. Meanwhile, vocals from Zach Eather soar with an intense vulnerability which brings the track together quite nicely.

The lyrics take a page from Dr. Seuss’ ‘Oh The Places You’ll Go!’ and gives listeners a sense of hope that they will go to many places and achieve many things with the right attitude. It may sound like it could be corny, but the way Patient Lounge have crafted the lyrics makes the track an uplifting anthem rather than anything else.

Since banding together in 2019, Patient Lounge have made an impact on the prog rock scene having supported acts like Haken, Pop Evil and Wolfmother. They also performed at Dead of Winter Festival alongside COG and Disentomb. Given the amount of success they’ve gathered in a short amount of time, it’s clear Patient Lounge are on their way to become a staple in Australian music.

It might be light in comparison to their previous singles, but ‘Places’ is a beautiful track that is a testament to the sonic creativity Patient Lounge have. If you’re a fan of prog rock, even on a casual basis, ‘Places’ is a track you can’t miss out on.

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