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Vancool Are Officially The (Van) Coolest

Image: Tashi Hall

Fan of Hockey Dad but need something a bit more alternative? Love indie rock but want to expand your horizons in the alternative direction? Just need some fresh additions to your ‘summer 2020 beach vibes only’ playlist? Perth locals Vancool are definitely going to be your next top listen with their single 'Change Your Mind'.

The energy in 'Change Your Mind', like their other tracks, is palpable, with a light and sunny approach to a summery tune, perfectly soundtracking sandy drives to the beach in a stinking hot car with the AC broken and the stereo blasting this song.

Vancool provides a distinct yet lighthearted mix of surf rock and indie rock, with similar tones to that of Pacific Avenue, Queens of the Stone Age, and DMA’s.

It’s a sound we all know and love, but totally revised in a refreshing way. Vancool are definitely keeping their sound cohesive, with sweet crooning vocals over classic rock riffs with reverbed edges a major staple of their tracks.

'Change Your Mind' is no different and continues to show their musical talent through vibrant and dance-worthy tracks. Recorded at Mini DTHSTR Studios with Rodney Aravena (End of Fashion, Sleepy Jackson), 'Change Your Mind' is the second single from Vancool. Following their debut release 'Better Tonight' in late 2019, they charged right into 2020 by joining British India on their 5 night run across WA on their tour. With this experience under their belt, they're sure to do plenty more sell-out shows in the future- and I’m looking forward to the energy and colour they will bring to them.

If you're lucky enough to be living in WA, you may even be able to see them live, you lucky ducks! They'll be supporting Eskimo Joe on a one night stand show in November.

Eskimo Joe with Vancool

Friday 6th November

The River

Margaret River WA Tickets available here.

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