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WA Music Week: The Great, Great Gable

Great Gable. A band that truly encapsulates the best of the best when it comes to WA grown sound.

This gang have a certain je ne sais quoi when it comes to their music, helped along by the fact that they are all close mates both on and off stage. Their album, Tracing Faces (2020), features elements of reggae and rock with cool, beachy undercurrents, all made tastier by the fact that each band member has uniquely extensive musicality and training. It is this sound that has seen Gable grow from a Bunbury-born, indie-rock band in 2014 into one of Australia’s biggest names. From recording their debut album with the help of Matt Corby to signing with Sony Publishing in 2020, there really seems to be no limit to what these boys are capable of.

We had the absolute pleasure of chatting with Alex, Callum, Chris and Matt at the end of 2020, deep diving into how they feel their start in WA has infused their growth as a band. We even got the boys to turn the spotlight on each other to get to the bottom of some hard-hitting questions like, Tupac or Biggie? and some other pretty important hair-styling moments. Have a geeze to find out the answer to these questions among some other incredible info about the Gable journey.

Q: All hailing from WA originally, have you found that the band's sound has benefited from you all bringing different aspects from your musical background/upbringing?

CALLUM: Yeah, we all come from quite different musical backgrounds and journeys. It has heaps of benefits like lots of different styles and influences to pull from but can be tricky sometimes trying to decide on the right idea because we all have different ones. It’s really fun anyways, we've been writing with each other for a while now and I think we are getting better every time. The WAAPA thing was cool because it helped me get better and have more understanding of music, and also I met Al there.

Q: How do you feel the WA music scene has influenced your band and your sound? And is there a particular vibe, artist or musical style that you've been influenced by?

ALEX: So many great bands have started in Perth and that definitely inspires us to work hard and have a go at it. I’ve always really enjoyed the Beatles-esque bands that have come from Perth like Sleepy Jackson, Tame Impala and Psychedelic Porn Crumpets.

Q: Who have been some stand out fellow musicians to work/tour with from the west coast?

MATT: Had the pleasure of playing some shows with the wonderful Dulcie, they came with us on our biggest tour last year. Was great getting to know them and seeing them play every night.

Matt Gio is a dope producer that we did our second EP with, he’s a legend. Our live sax and keyboard guy, Geordie “the lips” Bain has been an absolute pleasure to work with also.

Q: What is something you love about the WA scene? Do you feel that there are any barriers WA artists face that when compared to East coast artists?

CHRIS: The WA scene is small enough that it’s likely you’ll run into other bands we’re mates with or music loving friends at a local gig any night of the week. It’s also a space where everyone is encouraging and supportive of one another.

WA artists deal with a different playing field compared to east coast bands in regard to touring. Most WA artists in their salad days rely heavily on radio, their online presence and streaming platforms for people to find their music because touring from state to state in a van isn’t option as WA is so isolated.

Q: What is coming up for Gable? Following the release of your album, working with Corby, signing with Sony Publishing - What can we expect in 2021?

ALEX: We’ve spent most of 2020 writing and recording demos for our next album. Hoping to be able to record again next year, and also to get back out on the road as we’ve missed playing shows! If the travel bubble opens up, we’ll be back over to NZ for sure.

Alex ask Matt a question:

Alex: Tupac or Biggie?

Matt: Biggie all the way

Matt ask Cal a question:

Matt: Hi Cal how are ya boss? Can you please explain to our viewers out there, in the most basic way possible, what is metric modulation?

Cal: Preeny what’s happening, I’m doing well thanks. Ah the ol’ faithful metric modulation, it’s the most simple and effective way to piss off your bandmates while playing a song, especially if they don’t know it’s coming :) Haha but yeah its where you change the feeling or pulse of the time. Can be a really cool composition technique if you use it well.

Cal ask Chris a question:

Cal: If you were a sports person instead of muso, what would you wanna be?

Chris: I’d be Jean Claude Van Damme because I’d go from fighting in international Karate tournaments to starring in 80’s martial art films and being able to do the splits would be pretty cool.

Chris ask Al a question:

Chris: Al is it true that you once rocked an Afro which meant you couldn’t wear any of your beloved caps!?

Al: True!

The Gable boys will be touring their new music in Aus this year from March to June, yay! Jump onto some tickets near you to ensure a night of sweaty dancing and top-of-lungs singing.

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