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will hyde's Deeply Personal 'with u in mind'

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Photo Credit: Joey Knox

Melbourne rising star will hyde has released his highly anticipated debut EP with u in mind. - a string of deeply personal and moving alt-pop tracks that are perfect for cruising along on that late night drive.

Speaking on the EP, hyde shares, ‘with u in mind’ feels like a snapshot in time for me. I love the fact that i can revisit these songs & listen to them as a diary entry/chapter from a different part of my life. the thing i love about the world is that everything is constantly changing, my situation now is not my situation tomorrow. knowing i can use these songs as a reference point for getting through obstacles i will surely face in the future, makes me feel grateful.”

Strong opener ‘easy for u.’ perfects the lo-fi, bedroom-pop sound. hyde’s raw and emotive vocals reminiscent of Ruel and Sam Fischer float over shimmering synths and a stripped back instrumental. Vulnerable lyricism such as ‘take another pill to feel more royal / when you’re down you’re half of that' serves to remind us that a quick fix might make you feel better temporarily, but can actually lead you to lose yourself in the end. Watch the accompanying music video to see hyde frolicking in a car park:

Next up is the more upbeat, Domanic Fike-esque track 'over u.' This bonafide banger is so catchy, I dare you not to clap along and dance. If you've ever felt different and alone, 'misfit' is the song for you. Find solace in the relatable lyrics 'I'm a misfit, and if i'm being honest / sometimes I wish I wasn't, it's just part of who I am'.

On emotional closer 'dark until september, hyde's beautiful melancholic melodies delivered over twinkling guitar lines hits you right in the feels and is the perfect way to end the record.

hyde’s debut EP with u in mind. is the first time we get to understand his musicality as a solo artist. Previously, he found early success as a teen in producer project SŸDE, amassing over 65 million streams and almost 1 million monthly listeners on Spotify alone, even receiving praise from triple j and being named one of the 2017 Unearthed High finalists. If these numbers are anything to go by, there is no doubt Australian newcomer hyde will be making leaps and bounds in the pop music scene, and we will be there every step of they way as he embarks on his solo journey!

with u in mind. EP is available to stream on all platforms now.


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