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Woodes' 'Dancing In The Rain' Softens The Blow

Photo Credit: Jordan Drysdale

Electropop Empress Woodes has released a new single ‘Dancing in the rain’ - a hopeful hymn of overcoming difficulties (very on brand for this year) and blossoming out of adversity stronger than ever. She conjures a specific persona of herself via her music that is satisfyingly accurate to reality. It’s very gratifying to listen to one of her songs and discover that yes, she is an elfin deity wearing armour and wielding a sword.

The silvery falsetto and wavering choral background are underlined with a steady stimulating beat that grounds the floaty vocals and propels you into optimism. Whether you want to be or not. "Aurora-esque" but make it medieval. Known otherwise as Elle Graham a.k.a Woodes.

Despite curating an impressive catalogue of EP’s and singles over the past five years, Woodes has not yet graced us with a full album. With stage 5 lockdown still going on in her hometown of Melbourne, we may have to wait just a little longer for it. Woodes announced today that she has unfortunately had to delay the release of her debut album Crystal Ball to November 13.

“It’s been a really tricky decision to make, and stems primarily from the vinyl shipping delays with everything going on, meaning it wouldn’t be ready for the release. The silver lining is that this extra time will be really helpful in conjuring up more elements to the accompanying Woodes universe, which has always been very important to me.”

And conjure up a universe she has. Weaving fantastical images of sprinting over a hill in chainmail, sword in hand or a wandering dark forests donning a full length flowing tunic and no shoes, noble steed at side, Woodes seamlessly intertwines elements of magic into music.

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