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Your Guide To BIGSOUND: A Timetable

Image credit: BIGSOUND | Supplied

The beloved Brisbane monolithic event that is BIGSOUND, is surprisingly going ahead this year- albeit in a completely digital, virtual environment. The iconic event will now take place solely online, with free delegate passes available, to ensure equal access is available for people in the music industry who have been screwed over by the pandemic.

With its nineteenth birthday spreading out over two days, Wednesday 21 and Thursday 22 of October, it’s sure to be a party you don't want to miss. But if you have work, or other commitments, or need to look after your sick goldfish, or are feeling a bit crook from a big almost Hump-day hurrah, these are definitely the acts you wouldn’t want to miss for anything.

Starting off the event bright and early at 11am would be the panel discussion ‘Australian Music: What Does It Look Like In 2020' featuring Sosefina Fuamoli, Dizzy Doolan, Joji Malani, and Kwame, who will be discussing what Australian music actually sounds like now, as more and more culturally diverse artists bring their own take towards what makes music Australian. A hugely interesting topic coming from the mouths of some of the best artists in Australia right now, this definitely would be one to take notes on.

Leaving a big break for lunch, coming back at 3pm would be the workshop “A TikTok Playbook” with Ollie Ward. TikTok has clearly made a huge impact on 2020, and musicians have flocked to it to keep themselves busy and keep up to date with the new media tools it provides. This session would for sure be one to go to - even without a demonstration of the WAP dance- which Ward may or may not be performing.

Coming in hot to the end of the day at 5pm would be Howard Freeman with “The Hard End Of The Road, Overcoming the Stigma and Building Help Seeking Behaviour”. The former tour and production worker who has worked with the likes of Big Day Out, INXS, ACDC, and The Rolling Stones, speaks out about masculinity in the industry and how to overcome societal constraints. He’ll toss the age old adage ‘boys don't cry’ (thanks a lot Robert Smith…) in the bin, and good riddance. I can’t wait.

After a big nights sleep, it’s time to get back on the tools.

10.30 am will wake you right up with the ‘A-Z Of Future Music Marketing’ presented by Bolster, which will take a deep dive into everything online- and how to master marketing tools as they come, as the digital age prospers. This will give future industry workers some tricks up their sleeve, and is definitely one to attend.

1pm is lunchtime - so why not attend a cooking demo from the one and only Nat's What I Reckon. His witty comedic take on even the most mundane of things brings life and fun back into cooking, and also creates some seriously tasty looking stuff while doing so. Truly a lock-down hero and champion, his cooking show will be one to watch for a laugh and food envy.

Cutting it fine at 1.30pm is the “COVID F***ed My Tour Lyf’ which is an artist lifestyle turntable featuring Mo’ju, Kira Puru, and Ecca Vandal. This terrific trio will discuss the ins and out of their musical careers at the moment, including sweet reminisces on old tour life, back in the days of… February.

Closing out the two days will be a party. No, literally a party. You better not be sleeping on the Dreaming Loud Showcase from 8pm Thursday, as it showcases the best First Nations artists in a sweet hour of nothing but great tunes from some gnarly up and comers.

After a jam packed two days, that will be BIGSOUND sadly over and done with for the year. Though if you want to get a full look at what BIGSOUND are offering, you can suss out the full schedule here.

With this handy timetable of what is simply a must-see, I hope you enjoy it and milk it for all it is worth. Good luck, and enjoy...

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