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2020 Date With 'Aunty Meredith' Takes A Reluctant Rain-Check

Unfortunately for Aussie music lovers all over, spectacular sunsets over the Supernatural Amphitheatre accompanied by banging tunes won’t be on any Instagram stories this summer, as the three day Meredith Music Festival has been cancelled for 2020 due to coronavirus restrictions still in place. This recent announcement is an additional kick to the music industry while it's still struggling to get back on its feet and running as normal.

The festival states that, like much of the planet, life in Postcode 3333 must contend with a pandemic and adjust to a different beat, for the time being. Which brings us to a break in regular programming. A rest. Something which, in itself, is not such an unusual part of the Supernatural trip.”

The self funded and non commercial event would have been celebrating its twenty-ninth ‘birthday’ this year, a hell of a party that will have to wait until next year, and will hopefully be bigger, better and bacteria-free by then.

With last year's lineup sporting the likes of international superstar Liam Gallagher, Aussie sweetheart Julia Jacklin, and the punk-rock badasses of Amyl and the Sniffers plus so many more, this year would have been a 110% guaranteed blast.

“One thing this year has offered in spades is a sense of perspective. Looking back, looking ahead, looking all around, Meredith is, we think, in a really good place. The eternals – a single stage, the evolving atmospherics of a natural amphitheatre, ample time and space, free-range living in the greatest of outdoors, where almost anything goes – still hold. Thank you for being part of it.”

Aunty Meredith signs over and out on this year with a message of love and unity- checking in on everyone’s welfare, and keeping spirits high with a spark of Hope for Golden Plains’ festival, the younger sibling of Meredith', which is hosted in the same location, in the same format, but in early March annually.

Meredith - we sincerely hope we get our rain-check on that date soon, and get to see all the beautiful people and scenery that come with a night (or three) under the Victorian sky.

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