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4 Albums You Shouldn't Have Missed in 2019

As 2020 rolls in, here's a recap on a few amazing discoveries back in the day. These gifted Aussies have talents that remain underrated. Why not show them some love and give their albums a listen?

1. Philosophy by Jacob Lee

As the year comes to an end, Philosophy reminds us to breathe and reflect on the past. Once again, Lee showcases his talents in these hair-raising masterpieces. 'Reality' is an existential poem that I personally worship as the centerpiece that strings the album together. His lyrics are parallel to the likes of

Alec Benjamin's 'Jesus in LA'. Intriguing questions flow alongside bone-chilling tracks as fans are moved to tears. The album is not just an outlet for beautiful, creative minds, but also a canvas for those who consider themselves philosophers.

2. The Kids Are Coming by Tones and I

The album is an ever revolving carousel of dark tidbits and xylophonic-high notes that are comparable to Phoebe Ryan. The ebbing innocent-like vocals keeps the beat on its toes, and hints at a post-modern Billie Eilish. Tones and I pounces onto the dance floor with a unique perspective to pop; "Dance Monkey" is a jam reserved for busting out Fall Out Boy-inspired moves.

3. Nights Like This EP by Jack Gray

The undulating melody paired with Gray's rich vocals create waves of raw, beautiful music. While 'Down Side of Up' has risen to the top ranks, I still single out 'Fools' as my favorite. One can say that I'm biased by my Troye Sivan nostalgia, but there's no denying that Gray's belts in 'Fools' is very much different. His vocals leave echoing tunes in my mind, and his songs are songs to be blasted during road-trips. Combine the electric of Jonas Brother's 'Sucker', amp it up with RUEL's sizzling vibe, and soon enough, you'd find yourself immersing in Nights Like This.

4. A Place We Knew by Dean Lewis

Ah, a trend-setter for singer-songwriter classics. A Place We Knew intertwines a timbre reminiscent of Lewis Capaldi's voice and soulful lyrics similar to Niall Horan's songs. Indulge in sturdy and steep vocals, flickered only by guitar licks. Lewis wraps his tracks with a tone of vulnerability and depth. 'Be Alright' has already shook global charts, but let's give Lewis's entire album the attention it deserves.



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