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Action Slacks Shine A New Light On ‘Waiting For The Sun’

This year, Action Slacks have been dominating the Australian scene with their mesmerizing sound and strong essence of timelessness which has seen them transcend beyond audiences and soundscapes alike. Their distinctive and undefined sound has not merely branded them as truly unique, but has evidently come in handy for their latest musical feat; a homage to one of the most influential bands of their hometown! With both respect and reinvention, Action Slacks have taken on Powderfinger’s iconic ‘Waiting For The Sun’, a track that celebrated its 20th anniversary this year (alongside its fellow ‘Odyssey Number Five’ tracks)!

Unapologetically authentic, Action Slacks bring all the elements we love about them into this classic, reinventing the track with purpose through a beautiful amalgamation of the two band’s styles. The smooth and dreamy vocals bring an indescribable depth to get lost in, entrancing with every word. Leading the way, these soothing vocals shine in all their melancholiness. Surrounding for most of the track is relaxed instrumentation, yet it is still enticing with its modern twists and takes on the classic. This culminates in an unashamedly Action Slacks addition of swirling synths that hypnotize in their varying layers. Authentic to themselves, the band puts a spin on this song that conjures up new feelings among the old, stirring the auditory memories that are derived from the track.

“When we initially had the idea to record a cover, we thought it would only be fitting to pay homage to one of the most quintessential Brisbane bands; Powderfinger. While ‘Waiting For The Sun’ may not be as widespread as some of their bigger singles, it really captures everything great about the band. We started to get a feel for the direction we could take our version, bringing lush synth pads and vocal stacks to a rock classic, and we’re thrilled with how it turned out.”

With some big shoes to fill, Action Slacks have not merely filled them, but have replaced the laces; respecting a classic whilst bringing their own essential flair. Dramatic and emotive, Action Slacks have reinvented ‘Waiting For The Sun’ for a new audience, embedded with new stories, sounds, and experiences.

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