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Adulting Is Hard But Eves Karydas’s New Single ‘Freckles’ Makes It Easier

Attention older Gen Z/younger millennials! We have a new anthem that we can blast when getting ready in the morning or play in our earphones when at work or uni. Brisbane’s indie pop princess, Eves Karydas, has perfectly captured the reluctant feelings that come with adulting in her new single ‘Freckles’.

“‘Freckles’ has been years in the making. It’s a song I started a long, long time ago… it began as a small thought about the rush of growing up and has morphed, over the years, into a real lived experience. Now I’m halfway through my 20s I sing these lyrics earnestly and truthfully,” says Karydas when asked about the inspiration behind the song.

The soundscape of ‘Freckles’ is warm, nostalgic and soothing. Piano keys softly play over a light tapping sound before they give way to infectious pop beats that are almost acoustic in sound. When each sound is threaded together, ‘Freckles’ transports listeners back to a time when Disney Channel was their main priority, when denim was inescapable and when the fastest kid in class would always show off during the once-in-a-while game of Bullrush. But don’t mistake it for being outdated. ‘Freckles’ is contemporary and atmospheric, a tranquil island in the centre of the storm that can be pop music.

Lyrically, the track is unapologetically honest and introspective. Karydas is an excellent songwriter whose lyricism will tug at the hearts of older Gen Z-ers and millennials alike. ‘... at my age how quickly things change / the older I get the less stays the same / the days fade but with you I feel safe / so I count the freckles on your face,’ Karydas sings at the end of the song. Each lyric floats in the air with Karydas’s vocals. They’re light, full and unbelievably buttery. Think Maren Morris but sweeter, without a country twang and more crystalline.

“‘Freckles’ is ultimately about finding my safe space in-amongst the chaos of my life. A place where I can tune out all my anxieties and fears. And that place, for me, is with the person I love most in the world,” said Karydas.

At the end of the day, Karydas has released an incredible song with ‘Freckles’. It’s a must-listen and is sure to be another pavement on Karydas’s path to a long and fulfilling career.

Eves Karydas Queensland Tour 2021

Tickets here

Thursday, 6th May

Seabreeze Hotel, Mackay

Friday, 7th May

Otherwise, Townsville

Friday, 14th May

The Met, Toowoomba

Saturday, 15th May

Burleigh Bazaar, Gold Coast

Sunday, 16th May

Solbar, Sunshine Coast

Wednesday, 19th May

The Triffid (New Show), Brisbane

Thursday, 20th May

The Triffid, Brisbane

Saturday, 22nd May

Tank Arts Centre, Cairns

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