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Album Of The Week: San Cisco - 'Between You And Me'

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Image credit: via San Cisco socials

Fourth studio album Between You And Me is the gorgeous new record from indie-pop staples San Cisco, Fremantle three piece composed of Jordi Davieson, Josh Biondillo and Scarlett Stevens. What had just started as friends making music together for fun, has now turned into a band who are on their way to pioneering the genre.

If you were anything like me, you probably first heard about San Cisco back in 2012 when their single ‘Awkward’ was released, and it was everywhere, I mean everywhere. It was a cultural reset, but in the best way possible. I didn't really delve much into their music after that until recently but the immense growth and maturity they've shown between then and now is more than prominent.

It's a reflection, an acceptance, an offering. The album is truly the ripest fruits of their labour.

The record kicks off with ‘Skin’, an orchestral choir with twangy guitars that preludes this well balanced and bittersweet track, encasing a nostalgic unrequited love story, from the point of view of a broken heart.

The album goes on and we get to another stand out and single track ‘Messages’, a stunning vocal lead track from Stevens. This one Is brighter and bubbly, with the great addition of 80’s style synth and bass lines fostering a fun rivalry narrative. "You’re the worst best friend I’ve ever had / Yep, I’ve definitely been there".

‘Alone’ is one of the softer tracks on the record. A more stripped back sound with light guitars and unsure lyrics about love. "Does love drift away a little bit every day…?"

'When I Dream' is an organic and honest approach to feelings of guilt and accountability, though on the musical side of things, it's very warm and upbeat, reminiscent of early surf rock or even brit pop. "Why does it feel so good to self destruct" Ouch, ammiright?!

Lyrically emotional and sensitive and composed with intricacy.

Vulnerability is taken to a new level with track, 'Flaws'. With touches of slow drums, acoustic guitar strums and a melancholy linger. Davieson's higher vocals in the chorus were soothing and inviting, like a warm embrace. It's a song to settle down in the evening with a glass of wine to listen to. Lyrically emotional and sensitive and composed with intricacy.

‘Tell Me When You Leave Tonight’ starts quite lively and maintains a romantic hazy feel throughout. What I mean by this is daydream-esque, in love, looking through rose coloured glass and when you're so in love with someone that nothing else seems to phase you. There's hints of uncertainty as well, but the bright guitar hooks and bass pick the mood up and contrast the sound.

To cap off the record we have the title track ‘Between You And Me’, a track fleshed out with airy vocals and rich emotion. Leaving a long lasting sombre sentiment.

The band are occupying a significant space in the Australian indie-pop scene and I can't seem to fault this album too much. The only thing I would say is that it’s not anything new lyric wise, relationships and heartache are pretty much the norm, but the execution was top notch. As I was listening through the album, I was sad when it ended, I expected those sweet vocal melodies, dreamy instrumentals and retro bass lines would go on forever… It's a reflection, an acceptance, an offering. The album is truly the ripest fruits of their labour.

San Cisco have settled into their full potential with Between You And Me, delivering this alluring and full bodied record which displays a subtle and warm reflection on past relationships and happier times. Reflecting, but not tainting or changing the memories associated with the past.


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