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Andy Martin Wears His Heart On His Sleeve With Huge New Single 'Live. Breathe. Love. Me'

Updated: May 2, 2021

2020 was a massive year for young Andy Martin - the talented singer-songwriter released his debut EP Living in the Heat of it All and rocked a run of sold out headline shows in his home state of Queensland.

While some artists may be content to rest on their laurels for a spell after such success - especially after the incredibly draining year that was - Andy had no such plans, and has instead struck while the iron is hot with the follow-up single 'Live. Breathe. Love. Me'.

'Live. Breathe. Love. Me' combines all of Andy's best attributes as a both a songwriter and a performer. It's high-octane guitar based rock music with anthemic lyrics delivered with a burning passion and a healthy dose of melodrama. With an energetic and hooky style reminiscent of a couple of the highlights of his debut EP, namely 'Mess We Made' and 'Heat of It All', Martin has found his sound and is carving out his own identity - which is impressive for such a fresh face on the scene.

But there has been a few bumps along the road; despite his stellar 2020, Martin was met with a lot of the same struggles that we all faced over a tumultuous year. “I wrote this song right in the middle of the pandemic that shocked the nation last year," he said. "I was in a poor headspace that I couldn’t get out of, so I decided to write about exactly how I was feeling."

Not that he's ever put out anything that didn't come straight from the heart, but these emotions are really on display on 'Live. Breathe. Love. Me'. It shows through in the strong sense of urgency you get from the track, particularly in the final chorus.

"Don't go waiting, time won't change me / It's okay to be complacent / Live! Breathe! Love! Me!"

In that titular final line, which he repeats over and over again, Andy Martin puts all of his emotions out on the line, holding nothing back. It's a climax reminiscent of Gang of Youths' opus 'Say Yes to Life', and the emotional response could almost rival the chills we all got when hearing that legendary track for the first time.

And just like that song was for GOY back in 2017, 'Live. Breathe. Love. Me.' might just be a crowning achievement for Andy Martin in his career so far. He seems to think it might be.

"I am so proud of this song," he said. "It shows how I have evolved as a songwriter over the last few years."

But of course, it's far too early to tell. After all, Andy Martin's career is just getting started.

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