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Angie McMahon Shares Piano Rendition Of ‘Soon’ + Announces Online Concert

In anticipation of her upcoming EP Piano Salt, singer-songwriter Angie McMahon has released a haunting piano rendition of ‘Soon’ and announced a global re-screening of her Online Piano Concert set to release on Wednesday, 7 October 2020.

‘Soon’ already was a hauntingly beautiful track with emotive lyrics that spoke to the broken-hearted. This time around, McMahon swaps out the guitar for a piano and the result is masterful.

A music video was released alongside the track with it featuring footage from the singer’s November 2019 American tour with Hozier as well as footage from living in Melbourne’s 2020 lock down. It’s a beautiful mix of footage intersecting each other to showcase the vast difference between life on the road and life at home in 2020.

As McMahon says, “This is a mixture of footage from my home in lockdown, when everything went slow, and the Hozier tour that I joined in November last year when everything was moving so fast. We were travelling around America, my sound engineer Jono and I, following the Hozier bus and having our own adventures every day. I'm so grateful he kept the go pro on for that month, and that the audiences were so warm, and that I have a safe and comfortable home to slow down in now.”

The track comes from her upcoming EP titled Piano Salt which is set to be filled with reworked songs from her album Salt as well as a few covers, including a classic Bruce Springsteen song. The EP is set to drop on Friday, 2 October 2020.

Meanwhile, the singer’s Online Solo Piano Concert will screen on Wednesday, 7 October and will only be available for 24 hours starting from 12pm. The concert will also have 22-year-old LA native Jensen McRae to perform on solo guitar. Tickets are on sale through Ticketmaster.

McMahon says of the concert, “Piano is the first instrument I learnt and the one that made me first love singing… the concert and EP feels like a return to my piano-cover-loving inner kid.”

Judging by Piano Salt’s version of ‘Soon’, the EP is bound to make us reach for the tissues.

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