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Annie Hamilton Comes Into Her Own With Third Single

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

Stop what you’re doing now and listen to Annie Hamilton. This is the best advice I can give you right now. Today is the release of Hamilton’s third single ‘Kitchen’, which is number three in the trifecta of reasons to fall in love with one of Australia’s fastest rising new artists.

I say ‘new artist’ but the story of Annie Hamilton dates back quite a number of years. You may recognise the dreamy vocals from Little May’s first two records, or from Jack River’s latest couple of yours. Hamilton has been lurking in the background for many years, but over the past twelve months, since the release of first single ‘Fade’, she has grasped the spotlight in her stride has truly shone brightly.

Still relatively new in terms of her solo work, Hamilton has quickly mastered a uniqueness in song writing. Falling somewhere between a dreamy, folk pop world that you’d find Lisa Mitchell in and the indie rock word that you’d find Ruby Fields jamming in, you’ll find Annie Hamilton ready to take you into a world of her own. Her latest release only cements this.

‘Kitchen’ whisks us up in a memory of an old relationship, one that possibly was a bad decision. Drug infused, possibly co-dependent, but still unsure if it was good or bad thing. It’s this dream like stasis that has become Hamilton’s signature, it’s not so much transporting the listener into a new world but a delicate welcoming into her own.

Right parts eerie, right parts wanderlust, it’s a melancholic charm that really sets a tone to all her work, and it just gets more addictive with each track.

With only three singles released (and unfortunately no word on any upcoming releases) Annie Hamilton is powering her way into the ears and hearts of the Aussie music scene. I will repeat once more, stop what you’re doing now and listen to Annie Hamilton. She will be going far, very soon.

You can catch Hamilton's tunes live on her single tour in Melbourne, Sydney and Thirroul in July. All the details can be found here.



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