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Aurora Releases New Single 'The Seed'

Angelic, Atmospheric, and just downright amazing... These are seriously the only way to describe Aurora’s new mesmerising single, The Seed. The 22-year-old Norwegian born artist has just released her new single since ‘Animals’ which managed to gain over 3 million streams on Spotify. Those at Lollapalooza festival Brazil were lucky enough to hear the song for the first time. The lyricism paints a picture of a dying environment, of tears and poisoned rivers accompanied by an artistically wonderful video that really an indictment of our materialistic society! “You cannot eat money” she sings. Aurora most definitely hasn’t veered away from her niche sound with her new single, featuring birdsong, dreamy vocals and produced instrumental build-ups. The Seed is yet another example of just how creative and innovative this young artist is with her original music, and we LOVE it!

“People say ‘live like you don't care’ or ‘party like you don't care’, but I like to care,” she says. “I think people do, too, now more than ever...It’s a time of open ears and open eyes”. “The music is supposed to be fuel,” she says. “Not against people but for the fire inside us”.

The single will feature in Aurora’s new upcoming album, A Different Kind of Human- Step II, set to be released in early June this year. This second offering aims to be more “explosive” than her past efforts whilst still keeping that true Aurora vibe. The singer songwriter will be performing for one night only in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Fremantle in addition to hitting the stage at Groovin’ the Moo.

Aurora Australian Tour 2019

Groovin' The Moo Festival 2019

Tickets here

Friday, 26th April


Saturday, 27th April


Sunday, 28th April


Saturday, 4th May


Sunday, 5th May


Saturday, 11th May



Tickets here

Tuesday, 30th April

Enmore Theatre, Sydney

Friday, 3rd May

The Forum, Melbourne

Monday, 6th May

The Triffid, Brisbane

Wednesday, 8th May

Metropolis, Fremantle



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