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Aya Yves Stuns With "What We Look Like With The Light On"

Aya Yves | Jenny Wu

We've been waiting to post this one for months! After a string of successful singles including “(in)Sanity”, “Smart Girls” and “Dear E.”, Australian electro-pop songstress Aya Yves will release her first EP of 2021 What We Look Like With the Light On and boy is it stunning!

Strong opener ‘(in)Sanity’ draws you in with the power of Yves' crystal clear voice before slamming you with a chorus teeming with a rich production of thumping beats.

‘Have we lost our minds I don’t mind so I’ll leave on the light / Have we lost our minds I don’t mind let’s leave all insanity behind’

‘Body That I Break’ perfectly juxtaposes Yves’ light airy vocals against the strong bass that vibrates so heavily I can feel it against my chest. It has a mysterious stealthy feel to it, making it the perfect soundtrack for a crime series.

Next up is an arresting spoken word track. Against the backdrop of gentle piano chords, Yves’ vulnerable poetry effortlessly pours out of her mouth like a waterfall, compelling you to listen intently to her every word.

‘And yet I see us still, a moment of your time and my heart races up my throat my skin feels like an ember hot to the touch you hold power over me’

‘With The Light On’ showcases Yves’ signature ethereal vocals yet again paired with brooding melodies that float over stunning minimal production.

'Didn't think you could be so forgettable, but you turn around and make me feel so cynical / Now you watch me step off of your pedestals, you're so pitiful'

My personal favourite and closer is ‘Smart Girls’, a track that encapsulates the dichotomy between light and dark so well. You’ll be bopping your head along to the bouncy rhythm having a grand time, when your ear perks up at the ‘dissonance’ of the dark piano chords.

On making music, Yves shares,“To me, music has and always will be about creating conversation, connections and ultimately helping people through whatever motion they’re feeling at the time - be it positive or negative - it’s a way to share in that moment.”

Yves' tracks ‘(in)Sanity’, ‘Smart Girls’ and ‘Dear E’ all received high rotation plays on triple j Unearthed, as well as her cover of Dua Lipa’s hit ‘Don’t Start Now’. 'Smart Girls' attracted tastemakers such as Thomas Bleach, Don’t Bore Us (The Brag), Women In Pop, The AU Review, Forte Magazine, just to name a few. A major force to be reckoned with, watch out for Aya Yves as she sets to dominate the Australian pop scene!

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