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Bad Juju's New EP 'You're Not Alone' Is Exactly What We Need Right Now

Bad Juju has finally unveiled their sophomore EP You’re Not Alone. This EP delivers an iconic 90’s inspired punk/garage rock sound sure to have you reliving your emo-phase (in the best way possible). With hard-hitting instrumentals and signature punk vocals, these tracks bring household names like blink-182 and Green Day to mind. This EP contains seven songs, stringing together perfectly to form an authentic confession of dark thoughts and internal battles.

“The EP title ‘You’re Not Alone’ is a reference to the struggles we all face with our inner demons,” reflects guitarist Abe Miller, “It is also a reminder that whilst we may feel alone in our situation, there are many others around us who are there to offer a helping hand if we just reach out.”

You’re Not Alone follows the release of Bad Juju’s recent singles 'Disappoint', 'Dawn', and 'Let's Talk'. These tracks found considerable success, scoring features on Spotify’s Rock Out and Apple Music’s New Music Daily and New Rock playlists. The most notable track ‘Disappoint’ was included on triple j Unearthed’s Top 5 Songs of the Week, reminding triple j's Richard Kingsmill of a “confession that is screamed from a mountaintop".

Since entering the Australian music scene in 2017 with their debut single ‘Bloom’, this Melbourne group’s unstoppable energy has taken them a long way. This five-piece band is no stranger to the live circuit, performing alongside Mayday Parade, Trophy Eyes, Dream On Dreamer, and Columbus, as well as performing at BIGSOUND 2018. In 2018, the band released their debut EP Hidden Desire, securing them a slot as a Triple J Unearthed Featured Artist. With signs of promise like these, it’s no wonder Bad Juju’s sophomore EP has been so highly anticipated.

Photo by Andrew Basso // Electrum Photography

It’s easy to see why ‘Disappoint’ has already racked up over 52,000 streams on Spotify, exploring themes of desperation, mourning and guilt. Frontman Russell Holland explains, “disappointment is about a friend I lost who I made music with and continuing the dreams we shared together.” The emotional vulnerability of this track allows us a personal insight into Holland’s struggle with loss. Layering booming vocals, relentless drums and dark lyrics, this track walks the line between melancholy and chaos.

Another personal favourite on this EP is the new anthem for overthinkers: ‘Dawn’. This single follows the dark spiral of late night thoughts we can all find ourselves falling into. The band shared that the song was inspired by a text message: “Do you get lonely? Because I get lonely too”. The message was sent by a friend of his struggling with drug abuse to numb feelings of isolation. Holland also shared that ‘Dawn’s “Save me from myself tonight” lyric refers to drugs “saving them from their demons." This song is paired with a murky music video switching between confronting footage of drug-use and an energetic live performance. I hope to see this fearlessly raw single continue to climb the charts and collect rave reviews.

This introspective EP dives deep into themes of loss, loneliness and addiction. With the world sharing feelings of isolation and mental health struggles now more than ever, You're Not Alone is sure to resonate with listeners. Along with many others, I’ll be impatiently waiting for a tour announcement from this unbelievably talented Melbourne band.

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