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BENEE's Year Has Been Anything But 'Plain'

Absolutely destroying this year with her talent, New Zealand’s BENEE announces a full-length debut album ‘Hey u x’ to look out for this November, coming hand in hand with new single ‘Plain’ featuring Lily Allen and Flo Milli.

With the icon of screw your ex tracks Lily Allen being featured in the track ‘Plain’, we were in for a pointed and very personal piece to sing full volume in the car with birds flying on the way past an ex’s house. The dreamy style of BENEE is complimented with the snappy lyrics that come from both Lily Allen and Flo Milli. Honestly, feels bad to lose out on these girls - remind me to never break the heart of one of these icons.

BENEE was more than excited to announce the collaboration, finding the track uniting to each of the dynamic voices to create a piece that sends off your ex. “I wanted to make it a song someone could listen to when they find out their ex is with someone new. The feeling sucks, so I wanted ‘Plain’ to make ya feel like you have the upper hand. Lily and Flo Milli both have such cool sass, and both their verses really elevated the track!”

BENEE has been known for her extensive collaborations and praise of other artists, going to far to create her own record label ‘Olive’ based in New Zealand to promote smaller artists who she believes deserve the hype.

Genre doesn’t exist in BENEE’s creative world, and nothing proves that more than the details of ‘Hey u x’. The sheer amount of blending and binding of every genre she wants in a way that is completely brilliant, with all-star collaborators. We’ve already been privy to the single ‘Supalonely’ that features Gus Dapperton, and can only anticipate much more with Grimes, Mallrat, Kenny Beats, Bakar and Muroki being a staple part of the track list. If she needed anyone to say it, I will – This is BENEE’s year!

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