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Between You & Me Air Their Truths In Latest Single, ‘Change’

The road to ‘Armageddon', Between You & Me’s upcoming record, has been a tumultuous and bumpy journey. Despite this, the adversity has also seen the band flourish, coming into their true identity both in terms of music, composition, and representation. Their latest single, ‘Change’, sees the band tackle the issues of climate change on a local and global scale, adding their critical commentary to the daunting situation at hand. Using their most powerful tool; their music, Between You & Me does not merely share a message, but demands it to be heard and reshared in this anthemic piece of work.

Blurring the lines between impending doom and inescapable joy, ‘Change’ molds its form into that of a catchy, vibrant and exciting earworm, creating a beautiful juxtaposition between its at-times, dire lyricism. True to the band’s many capabilities, Between You & Me have once again created an intertwinement of worlds, culminating in a representation of the feelings we could have if we committed to change. With another stellar vocal performance from JT aided by the band’s well-thought-out and layered instrumental performance, ‘Armageddon’ is proving to showcase Between You & Me’s truly evolved sound, and newfound comfort (and confidence) in the identity they are presenting with this album.

“I wrote ‘Change’ in late 2019 because the world as I saw it, was going through a scary period. Those that were in political power were deliberately neglecting the serious signs of global climate issues – in fact, some were even making decisions that would have huge ramifications to increase carbon emissions. It felt as though our leaders were focused on their capitalist ideals instead of representing the people. In Australia in late 2019, whilst our country was burning from numerous bushfires, our Prime Minister was holidaying overseas. To me that was a defining moment.” explains Jake Wilson

Written during a time of global uncertainty and instability, ‘Change’ and its themes do not appear to be fleeting, making it a timeless journey through the mind of the ‘other’, the one wishing to do more, the one looking for change.

When optimism looks exhausting, we can always look to change!

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