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Big Orange Juice New Single

Images provided by Kick Push Ruckus PR

2022 has been a big year for Perth outfit Big Orange, with the release of their singles 'Love's Not Enough' and 'By The Dozen.' But they say good things come in threes. This is where 'Mum Says I'm Okay' comes galloping through the door. This latest single is a positive spin on the rock anthem. Nourishing, with pulp and rind squirting out the edges, 'Mum Says I'm Okay' is an ode to rocking out your own way and not letting anyone get you down. Band member Emma Adams explained:

“I think everyone with a passion can relate to these lyrics."
"Daniel showed me this track a few months ago and I dug the shit outta it. It's a slow burn with a superbly hooky chorus when it hits.”

The track begins with 5 servings of guitar, overdriven and finely pasted. It is unexpectedly freaky, with a hint of Pumpkins in there. Add a generous dollop of 90s drawl vocals and stir until the chorus is golden-brown. There's a big guitar take over in the bridge, with the heat rising until it is ready to serve. Dish it up with a feta bass salad and a sprinkling of high-note croutons. Make sure the drums are set to 'unleashed' when you lift the cloche and you'll have a real crowd mover for dinner.

The unrelenting pressure of the song never holds off for a second, with a soaring fat solo of freshly squeezed Big Orange guitar in the bridge to fill your weekly fruit and 5 veg.

They've really matured their sound recently, with big things to come. Whether it be cool piano ballads like their 'Killer On The Land' from 2020's An Ode to Odious, or their breakneck guitar trigonometry of their latest triptych of singles, the rocktagonal prisms in Big Orange have got you covered. Give them a listen and give The Oranges a try. Stave off scurvy with 'Mum Says I'm Okay.'

Cover Art for Mum Says I'm Okay

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