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#Blessed: Holy Holy release 'Hello My Beautiful World'

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

Photo credit: Simon Eeles

Life is strange at the moment. Well, life has been strange for quite some time now. Collectively, we're starting to wonder whether or not things will return to how they used to be, and as the days go by it seems like that notion of returning to normality is slipping further and further away. At a time where many of us are feeling confused and doubtful, Hello My Beautiful World is a reminder that not everything is terrible. It's a reminder that it's ok to feel strange about life right now and it's ok to not know what to do, as evidently everyone is feeling the same.

Two years ago, Holy Holy released My Own Pool of Light and it was their most ambitious album to date. The duo experimented with different themes and sounds on the record to critical acclaim and it's clear that Tim and Oscar have continued to explore new sounds on this follow up record. From the energetic and attitude filled drums of 'Port Rd' which features Queen P to the beautifully cinematic orechestral strings of 'Believe Anything' and 'Shoreditch', it's evident that Holy Holy have found their groove and found something that works. The duo have injected more energy and momentum into their music than ever before, while keeping the classic sound that we've come to love them for.

Themes of love, loss, confusion and doubt are immediate and present throughout the length of this record and although there are many pandemic related ideas, to say that this is all the record explores would be an injustice to the incredible songwriting and storytelling on Hello My Beautiful World. Tracks such as 'Ghosts' dive head first into the difficulties faced when trying to move on when you're still seeing 'ghosts' everywhere you go. It also explores the regret felt when there are things left unsaid "We could never ever say what we wished we'd say."

'I.C.U.' is a highlight from the album, as it not only explores themes of moving on and not getting stuck in the past "But you can't live like that in the past when you run it back it's a trap," but also is has one of the most futuristic and experimental instrumentals on the album.

The digitised vocals and energetic instrumental transition beautifully into a CODA on the next track, that take you on a journey through angelic strings and dreamy vocals that crescendo beautifully to one of the most memorable moments on the album.

“We were given all the freedom in the world to do whatever we wanted, and this is what we did,” says vocalist and lyricist Timothy Carroll. “It's a work we're proud of. Some of the songs are really different for us, however, at the same time, I feel really connected to this album.”

Overall, Hello My Beautiful World is a step up from their last album. The digitised vocals, colorful orchestral strings and experementation with synthesisers all work to highlight their indie rock begginings whilst bringing new life to their music. Beautiful storytelling captures your heart, while relatable themese throughout leave you thinking that we're not in this alone, and things might not be so bad. It is a beautiful world we live in, and Holy Holy have reminded us with one of the best albums of the year.

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