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Blink 182 ‘Blame It On My Youth’

Blink-182 have dropped the first taste of their upcoming album with single, 'Blame It On My Youth’. The song ignites nostalgic feelings of the early 2000s with the sound many have come to love from the pop-punk band. Did someone say American Pie marathon?

The song talks of their roots, with a throwback feeling to their golden age, the lyrics are reflective of their youth. The beginning of the band. Digging it. It is a great taste tester for the youth of today who may not be acquainted with this iconic band. And for those young at heart who still remember the Blink prime time you’ll be singing along to this one unapologetically in the Maccas drive thru.

We all love a new tune to sink our teeth into from a favourite, and Blame It On My Youth delivers with fans new, young and older singing along. The upcoming album has no release date or title in the press yet. This will be the second album with released with new guitarist Matt Skiba, with the departure of original memberTom DeLonge in 2015.

Listen to the tune below.



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