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Blow Off Some Steam: Snark Share Their High 'Pressure' Playlist

Lockdowns got you down? Melbourne pop-punk trio Snark, consisting of Stefan, Pat and Matias, are here to help by sharing their playlist they describe as ‘’a collection of songs the three of us have curated to help you blow off some steam during tough times’’. Introducing the ‘High Pressure Playlist’.

The playlist celebrates fellow artists and comes after the release of their debut EP ‘Imposter’ last year and just recently their new scintillating pop-punk single ‘Pressure’. Frontman Stefan Sepulveda explains “I wrote the song in the middle of Melbourne’s second, seemingly never ending lockdown, as all of life’s stresses really began to pile up and take a toll. I realised that without the outlet or release valve of time with friends and loved ones, I found myself crumbling. I channeled that hopelessness and frustration into this song, as well as a sense of longing for better times. I’m really hoping it can resonate with people and be as cathartic for them as it has been for me.”

Fitting perfectly into a lineup with the likes of Luca Brasi and Slowly Slowly - with their frenzied energy and tight melodic hooks Snark's releases deserve if not demand to be play at the highest volume. And if jamming along to ‘Pressure’ isn’t enough for you, Snark's High Pressure Playlist is sure to do the job.


‘Positives’ - Sly Withers

Positives is a track that is heavy with the weight of knowing things are about to go wrong. The acapella outro of this song is one of the most cathartic moments of music I've heard and invites you to scream along and shrug off your own demons.

‘Blueprint’ - Slowly Slowly

Slowly Slowly can do no wrong and Blueprint is another shining example of that. This song is stacked with hooks that'll be stuck in your head for days and the sentiment of "I don't want the best night, a good one's enough for me" carries so much more weight in these troubled times. A song to help lift the weight of lockdown.

‘Deathwish’ (feat. nothing,nowhere.) - Stand Atlantic, nothing,nowhere.

As an absolute sucker for a "cynical and miserable high" I'm completely obsessed with this song. Angsty lyrics? Check. Makes me want to dance? Check. Ticks all the boxes for me!

‘Meltdown’ - Drastic Park

This song is the perfect soundtrack to leaning into a meltdown and embracing the madness! The frenzied energy put out by Drastic Park in this song has me bouncing off walls and sometimes that is exactly what's needed.

‘Whisper Games’ - Paperweight

Paperweight bringing the goods in this one - the perfect song to crank up to 11 and drown out your problems with some good, old fashioned pop punk! This track is quite simply three minutes and forty-six seconds of pure sunlight.


‘R U 4 Me?’ - Middle Kids

Catchy AND relatable. Sometimes things happen and you can't help but feel alone and separated from everyone else. That feeling can sometimes snowball and isolate you even more from everyone around you. This song eases that feeling of not being connected to those you love.

‘Infinite Badness’ - Phoxjaw

This song comes from an album centered around sadness and pressure. The song asks the question if there is a cure for bellowing sadness - I think that maybe this song can be that answer.

‘Earth Is A Black Hole’ - Teenage Wrist

Earth is a black hole and we are at the centre of it all. Slowly but surely we as a society are realising that we have to change our ways or "the rivers will run dry". There is a lot of pressure on us all to make that change. Teenage Wrist puts that message forward without sounding preachy, plus it's one hell of tune and part of an incredible record.

‘Black Lungs’ - Architects

Heavy and hard hitting, if you can't jump around to this song and shake off the stresses of everyday life you're doing something wrong. I can't help but headbang to this tune and it has never felt better.

‘Trouble Prone’ - Down for Tomorrow

A fun song that speaks volumes about feeling hurt by people. It's an unavoidable truth of life that people can end up hurting you, but songs like this are one hell of a silver lining.


‘Good Things’ - The Mezingers

Sometimes it's good to know someone else is handling things a little worse than you. His raw and honest vocals really convey the emotion.

‘Kids’ - Pup

Self aware and full of hooks, a great pop punk tune. These relatable lyrics can help you put any of your problems into perspective.

‘Demon to Lean On’ - Wavves

A bleak song, does anything even matter? Coming into that chorus for the first time is a great moment in music

‘Get Away’ - Yuck

Turn that gain up and let these guys do the rest. There is enough fuzz in this song to make you forget all life's problems.

‘No Waves’ - FIDLAR

Such a fun song about not doing very well. Sad yet upbeat, you can't help but want to party to this track.




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