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Brisbane Festival Announcing Secret Pop-Up Concerts In Your Backyard!

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

We all know that this year has been especially tough on the music industry, with gig and festival opportunities few and far between. So, with all of us jonesing for that next hit of live music, we are absolutely psyched to announce that this year's Brisbane Festival are going all out, having organised the biggest music extravaganza in the city’s history. Presented by Brisbane Festival and AAMI, Street Serenades will see 190 Brisbane suburbs serenaded over three weeks of the Festival (4 - 26 September), with pop-up concerts delivered direct to your neighbourhood. The twist? It’s a secret!

"Planning a concert and not telling anyone sounds like a marketing error, but festival organisers promise it was intentional"

That’s right, you won’t know who, when or where the next local talent will appear. However, if you follow the Street Serenades Facebook event page or some of the artists instagram stories, you will be privy to some inside info that should give you a better idea of how to quickly find yourself immersed in live music!

Featuring some of Brisbane’s most talented contemporary musicians, DJ’s, cabaret shows and more, your neighbourhood will be transformed into street symphonies, cul-de-sacs concerts and park performances. A diverse blend of genres will be represented by four travelling stages: "Bandwagon, Roxie, Troubadour and Allegro", exhibiting everything from indie bands and circus performers to jazz, funk and soul artists as well as classical musicians.

Ironically, we're jumping on the Bandwagon, which is showcasing an eclectic mix of Queensland’s best contemporary artists including The Dreggs, Hatchie, Eliza & The Delusionals, Hope D, Pink Matter and many more.

With something for everyone, this free event is just what we need, bringing live music back in force whilst ensuring the community remains COVID-19 safe. All you need to do is follow the Facebook event page, keep your eyes peeled, ears to the ground and who knows, maybe the next Street Serenade will pop-up in your backyard!

Street Serenades

Across Brisbane

Thursday, 17th September

Friday, 18th September

Saturday, 19th September

Sunday, 20th September

Thursday, 24th September

Friday, 25th September

Saturday, 26th September

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