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BUSINESS Casts Us Adrift With Latest EP 'A Weekend At Finn's'

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

Photo Credit: Unknown

Off the back of their debut EP earlier this year, Like You, the Big Dogs from down South have turned a leaf and are delving deep into uncharted guitar-driven territory. Now, BUSINESS are coming at you with A Weekend At Finn's, a sultry day at the beach meets waves of The Feels. These beguiling coves be getting all the morts with this eclectic mix of sunshine and rain. Dimber damber of the group, Elijah Hughes croons and strums. On his right hand sits Regan Hickey, plucking the skinny-6 and the fat-4. His left-hand man is Callum Watson, skin-hitter and purveyor of fine beats.

The EP drops us straight into the middle of The Pacific Ocean with only headphones and 5 bangers to survive on. The first bit of crunch to ration is 'Dreaming Again,' a catchy little ditty with a surprisingly emotive bridge. After that speculative little number, we dig into the single of the EP, 'I Need Another Plan.' This song is a boppy shot of fun, but in classic BUSINESS fashion, comes with a chaser of introspection and a lemon wedge of regret. Don't even get me started on the salt.

Your next course as the sharks start circling is 'All That,' my personal pick for the best song on the EP. Each will have their own tastes, but this one tickles my pickle because it builds into a thunderous guitar solo at the end and makes you want to yell ALL THAT to the song with all the air in your lungs. Amazing drums, amazing strings. It's got it all, and is the perfect song to break the tension before the next track. 'Melbourne' swoops in as the most-different track on the album. It's a personal, stripped-back acoustic ballad and really showcases the strength of Elijah's vocals.

The final crumbs of the EP is 'Credit Card Daydreams.' This one might even de-throne 'All That' for top-dog on my juice-o-meter as I listen to it more and more. The star of this song is the drums, staggering in thick and fast. This is the song which I can see myself listening to in 12 years and it will bring a completely different meaning & weight. Some songs are timely, and some are timeless, and this song falls into the latter category.

The fog clears and you behold the mighty Krusty Burger Oil Rig, with BUSINESS aboard to give you 700 Krusty Burgers. They're throwing us a life-line and chucking a live gig this Friday in Currumbin Waters in support of the EP release. Be there or be square, ye salty sea dawgs.

BUSINESS A Weekend At Finn's EP Launch

Tickets here

Friday, 15th October 2021



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