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'The Change' Is Here With DMAs And What So Not

Updated: May 5, 2021

Change is a good thing. DMA'S do more than enough to advocate this with their recent collab with producer What So Not on thumping track, 'The Change.' This was not on our prediction of things to happen, being hugely different from the previous band's previous Brit-Pop masterpieces such as 'Silver,' or 'Delete.'

A subtle backbeat rolls into the sounds of neon lights and fast times. Picture a flurry of traffic lights rocketing by on a spaced uber ride. Destination; the most vibrant nightclub with enough lights to fill the whole colour spectrum. Quickly, the listener is sucked into an EDM black hole. Flashing currents of pulsing snares and chilling synths melt into Thomas O'Dell's vocal line.

There's something overly cathartic about the tune. Maybe it's the nostalgic sounds of 2000's dance acts as The Prodigy meets Underworld, with an added flavour of Oasis just to be sure.

Talking of nostalgia, it''d be easy to imagine such a track as a backdrop for sci-fi flicks like Blade Runner or even a Star Wars remake. The best entertainment is always omplimented with buttery popcorn and "Pew Pew" Lazer sounds. Could someone edit this into a soundtrack? Who knows? It could even make a grumpy Harrison Ford a bit more cheery. Like a laser gun blast, the song is gone as quickly as it's begun. 'The Change' holds merit on its own yet compared to its peers on the catalogue its vision passes by like a blurry recollection of lights and sounds.

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