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Charly Bliss Releases New Single 'Hard To Believe'

Grape soda against a grey atmosphere. A dark guitar riff laced with sugary, high notes. Pink glitter on fiercely passionate vocalist, Eva Hendricks. It’s Charly Bliss’ new single ‘Hard To Believe’. Yet, it’s not hard to believe that the New York Four-piece has once more captured a beautiful tune out of sombre reality. Under two weeks, the video has achieved 38K views and over 100k streams on spotify. In their upcoming album Young Enough the pop punk foursome portrays maturity but amidst the electronica maintains their identity from the more punk infused debut, Guppy.

Belting out “but I would rather eat than starve, I would rather kiss you hard” just before launching into the first chorus evokes such a deep desire on a universal level. Set to an energetic video the giddying speed of the visuals punctuated by staccato-like close ups of band members feature raw, genuine emotions that were perfectly staged in a typical band practice setting. Falling into the riveting melody, Charly Bliss captures the spotlight and shines amidst the dark revelations of the song.

As each verse reveals more about a toxic relationship, many can relate to the line “I pray you don’t really mean it” in various perspectives. Personally, “I can’t accept that you’re leavin'” is a line that is close to my heart. After all, only the bravest can sing about the darkest times in their lives and reach out to the hearts of many others who relate.

"'Hard to Believe' is a song about being addicted to a bad relationship, and the endless cycle of trying and failing to end one. Sam wrote the guitar riff very early on in the writing process of Young Enough and we’ve always been obsessed with playing it because it’s so insanely catchy," says Hendricks.

Young Enough is released 10 May. Charly Bliss will be hitting Australia for Groovin’ the Moo Festival. Check out the song and tour dates below.

Charly Bliss - Groovin' The Moo Festival 2019

Tickets here

Friday, 26th April


Saturday, 27th April


Sunday, 28th April


Saturday, 4th May


Sunday, 5th May


Saturday, 11th May



Tickets here

The Curtin, Melbourne

Friday 19th July

The Lansdowne, Sydney

Tuesday 23rd July



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