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Chasing Dreams with LOOSE BRICKS' New Single 'Blink of an Eye'

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Born and bred Mildura band LOOSE BRICKS are dropping a new single today in anticipation of their third EP, due for release in 2021. ‘Blink of an Eye’ deals with the notion of time; how quickly we pass through it, how little we have and how we choose to use it. This track is pure indie-rock goodness with grungy guitar riffs and smoky vocals making up the core of an all-entrenching hook. In a year like 2020, there is no better seize-the-day soundtrack to help have you up and out of lockdown and making the most of your minutes in freedom.

Korbin (bass), Todd (lead guitar), Aaron (drums) and Levi (vocals + guitar) make up the powerhouse that is LOOSE BRICKS. Growing up in country Victoria together, the band formed in 2016, developing their sound over two previous EP’s; Treasure in 2017 and Sunshine Circus in 2018. Scattered in and among the EP’s are some seriously tasty singles including their 2019 release ‘Colourman’ that has garnered a fairrrr few listens on Spotify (shy of 200,000 nothing major). The band’s upcoming EP is titled ‘Waves of Mirage’ and is said to be “more mature and well produced” than their previous tracks. Given that their current releases absolutely slap, it’s hard not to get excited for a glimpse at this new vibe.

Their sound takes influence from some of the classics of the genre, including Ocean Alley, Artic Monkey’s and The Gorillaz. You feel the same addictive pull of those relaxed reggae back beats with huge, soaring choruses you can picture banging your head to at the front of Splendour mosh. ‘Blink of an Eye’ is no exception, with a driving backline that feels classically LOOSE BRICKS, but a depth both instrumentally and vocally that has no doubt grown in the time since the band's last drop of music.

Levi composed the lyrics for the track, the inspiration coming from the sudden realisation that, post leaving school, time had seemed to completely escape them. While we hear it constantly, the naivety of youth can often see us brushing off the wiser words of our seniors who warn us against such a feeling. ‘Blink of an Eye’ is a powerful reminder to hungrily pursue dreams and revel in the beauty and opportunities that await us;

“The thought that time is such an interesting human concept and our lives revolve around our clock, but in the grand scheme of things we don’t get much time on this beautifully unforgiving earth... so why aren't we chasing our dreams?” (Levi, speaking on ‘Blink of an Eye’)

If this single is anything to go off, LOOSE BRICKS are ones to watch. While our time on this earth may be limited, the 3 mins and 48 seconds you spend listening to ‘Blink of an Eye’ would most definitely be a good use of it.

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