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Chloe Styler Releases Wistful Break-Up Track 'Where We Stand'

Updated: May 1, 2022

Photo Credit: Madeline Randall

Gold Coast's indie country-pop songstress Chloe Styler has released a wistful new break-up track titled 'Where We Stand'. Gearing up for a big 2022 and still fresh off her first single of the year 'Loving You', Styler is locked, loaded and ready to show everyone exactly what she's made for.

A track about the gutting feels of a bad breakup, 'Where We Stand' is destined to pull at your heart strings. Filled with personal anecdotes, woven with lyrically driven melodies and powered by Stylers signature sonic storytelling - the track leaves listeners reminiscing on their own experiences with love, loss and everything in between. Evoking a familiar sense of nostalgia and heartache, Styler's knack for relatable lyricism and touching harmonies work beautifully throughout the track.

Speaking on the 'Where We Stand' Styler says the track is an epitome of a break up song.

"I wrote this song in my college dorm room after saying three little words and being ghosted, there’s really no other feeling quite like it; it’s just so unbelievably sad."

"It was the first song I wrote in under thirty minutes and I put that down to being absolutely defeated by the situation.

'Where We Stand' is out now, give it a listen!

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